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Self-study involves reflection, research, and rigor; a focus on identifying areas of excellence; and a commitment to addressing opportunities for institutional improvement.

On May 12th, 2015, from 8:30am to 3:30pm we will be hosting a visit from the Middle States Liaison, Dr. Christy Faison. Take a look at the agenda.

Self-Study Outcomes

  1. To demonstrate through self-study and self-review that the university possesses the characteristics of excellence outlined in the 14 MSCHE accreditation standards, meeting and exceeding the fundamental elements of each standard.

  2. To create and complete a meaningful, substantive self-study process that ensures compliance with accreditation standards and also supports open and transparent community-based dialog and exploration of strengths and challenges. This process will center on institutional self-reflection and self-analysis, and lead to institutional improvement, innovation, and growth.

  3. To identify and celebrate excellence, and to acknowledge and close gaps in all areas of the university, with the ultimate purpose of the self-study to identify where we are as an institution, where we need to go, and how we can get there.

  4. To use, through self-study, a review of and reflection on the standards for accreditation to demonstrate and embody a shared vision of the institution’s future as framed by the SSND charism, the university mission, the NDMU strategic plan, and the Catholic intellectual tradition.

  5. To fully utilize and apply results from the assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness through a comprehensive review of the university’s practices, processes, policies, and positions that is guided by the standards for accreditation, informed by the university’s mission and strategic plan, and focused on institutional improvement and renewal.

Our Co-Chairs

Sister Sharon Slear
Sister Sharon Slear

Sister Margaret
Sister Margaret Ellen Mahoney

Timeline for Self-Study
Jan 2015 Design
May 2015 Liaison Visit
June 2015 Research
Jan 2016 Write
May 2016 Review
Sept 2016 Finalize
Dec 2016 Submit
Mar 201 Team Visit
June 2017 MSCHE Decision