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CAUS Connections: February 2012


Welcome New CAUS Students Back to Top


On Saturday, January 28th, the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies welcomed over 150 new weekend/evening and cohort students for the Spring 2012 semester at New Student Orientation. Students spent the day learning about the importance of Notre Dame’s longstanding Honor Code, the usefulness of Web Advisor, and the user-friendly features of Joule. They were also given a tour of campus, where they had the opportunity to view Notre Dame’s historic and beautiful external architecture and interior hallways.

The CAUS team would like to extend another warm welcome to all of our new students. We are excited that you are here and look forward to working with you throughout your program at Notre Dame!

CAUS Students: Please make our new students feel welcome, as you always do. Extend a smile or exchange a greeting with a new student in your class. Let’s show them our Notre Dame spirit!




New Addition to the CAUS Team: Becky Dyson Back to Top


The CAUS staff would like to formerly introduce a new member of our team, Rebecca (Becky) Dyson, the new admissions assistant for the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies. Becky recently graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance and a minor in psychology. A lover of cats, Becky enjoys teaching yoga, painting, and live music.

Becky is the first point of contact for students looking to schedule appointments with their enrollment managers/advisors to discuss registration, address academic concerns, or schedule challenge or placement exams. You can reach Becky between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at 410-532-5500 or rdyson@ndm.edu




Introducing NDM's New Industrial/Organizational Psychology Major! Back to Top

Have you heard about Notre Dame’s brand new major in Industrial/Organizational Psychology? This multidisciplinary major is available exclusively in Notre Dame’s College of Adult Undergraduate Studies evening/weekend program and is already making waves as an exciting addition to Notre Dame’s array of majors.

Industrial/Organization Psychology (IOP) is a social science major that combines psychology and business classes in order to prepare students for entry-level and non-managerial positions in human resources, sales, labor relations, vocational rehabilitation, personnel, training, consulting, program management, career counseling and administration.

The unique combination of psychology and business classes enables students to apply principles of psychological, sociological, and organizational behaviors and structures to a wide variety of corporate and occupational needs.

Want to help strengthen performance management and suggest improvements for a company? Interested in guiding corporations to use their assets to the fullest capability? Eager to assist with performance evaluations and personnel selection? Looking to delve into organizational coaching or consulting? Then NDM's Industrial/Organizational Psychology major may be for you!

Interested in learning more? Contact Dr. Maria Mouratidis, department chair, at 410-532-5708 or Lynne Eccleston, assistant director of enrollment services, at 410-532-5107. 



CAUS Scholarship Recipients Back to Top

The College of Adult Undergraduate Studies would like to congratulate the following students, who were chosen from a strong pool of candidates to receive a Continuing Studies Scholarship for the Spring 2012 semester:

Valarie Anderson

Monica Casey

Laurie Gaither

Jamie Gilroy

Melissa Richardson

Nicholas Talios


Scholarship winners - congratulations on your remarkable achievements and best of luck for another successful semester at Notre Dame!

CAUS students - please remember to check your Notre Dame email for future scholarship opportunities and other important information.




Joule: Icons Galore! Back to Top

Hopefully everyone has had the opportunity to check out Joule (Notre Dame's new electronic learning platform) and to discover its many advantages and easy-to-use, cutting-edge features. As you have probably discovered, Joule utilizes a variety of icons to inform users about the content or topic contained in a certain area, so users will know what to expect when they click on a link. 

In need of a quick tutorial or refresher? Check out the glossary below:





Summer and Fall 2012 Schedules Back to Top



Eager to see the summer and fall course schedules? You won't have to wait much longer. Registration for CAUS students will open on Friday, March 30th. The schedules should be available for review several days prior via Web Advisor. You will receive notification when the schedules are posted via your Notre Dame email account.

Once the schedules are available, please make plans to schedule an appointment with your advisor (if needed). If you are unsure who your advisor is, please contact the CAUS Office at 410-532-5500.




Feature: Catching Up with Suzanne McHugh Back to Top



CAUS Connections newsletter staff recently had the delightful experience of speaking with Suzanne Hugh, a graduate of Notre Dame of Maryland’s RN to BSN program, Summa Cum Laude (‘07) and MSN program (’09). A Clinical Nurse Manager at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, Suzanne credits part of her “transformational leadership” abilities and skills to Notre Dame’s strong nursing curriculum. Suzanne took some time out of her extremely busy schedule to share with us her experience as a Notre Dame student and her advice for prospective students looking into nursing programs at Notre Dame.


VG: Can you describe your experience with the undergraduate RN to BSN program at Notre Dame?   Why did you first choose Notre Dame and what attracted you to Notre Dame’s RN to BSN program?

SM: When word got out about the accelerated RN to BSN program at Notre Dame, I was the first to attend the Open House at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center.  It was such a “doable” program while continuing to work full-time.  Many of my undergraduate credits from Villa Julie College and prerequisites from Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing transferred in, making the program even more desirable.  I was able to talk six of my colleagues into going back to school with me (they were all kicking me then, but loving me now), which truly made the experience much more enjoyable.  Friends were already established in this new environment, making it that much easier to add another challenge to an already full plate.


VG:  What prompted you to continue your education with NDM’s MSN program?

SM: My BSN education was so successful and my routine had been established for studying, research, homework, etc. that I just wanted to stay on track and keep on going.  And, I was able to talk four of my colleagues into taking the journey with me again.  However, this time they all chose the Education track so I was alone after the first class. (Suzanne chose the MSN Administrative track).


VG: Do you remember a favorite class or professor that you had at Notre Dame? Why was it (or he/she) your favorite?

SM: My favorite professor in the BSN program was Dr. Joann Gladden—even though she is a college professor, you could tell immediately by her compassionate demeanor that she is a NURSE.  She always made learning fun and meaningful.  Although at first I was extremely intimidated by Dr. Mary O’Connor, she was and is my favorite professor in the MSN program.  We applied our learning immediately to real-life situations and developed a relationship that I am certain will last my entire professional career.  I still reach out to her for professional advice and she has entrusted me with her current students as their preceptor.


VG: Where are you currently employed? Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

SM: I have been employed at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center since June of 1979 (formerly Fallston General Hospital) and have been in the role of Clinical Nurse Manger of the Intensive and Intermediate Care Units since November of 2006.  I am responsible for managing a 14-bed Intensive Care Unit with approximately 43 FTEs and a 25-bed Intermediate Care Unit with approximately 44 FTEs (about 120 total team members).  My main purpose each day is to assure patient and team member satisfaction through rounding, scheduling, participation in performance improvement efforts, and whatever else it might take to keep a smile on everyone’s face—patients, team members, and senior leadership.  As a clinical nurse manager, one is truly “caught in the middle.”


VG: Do you feel that Notre Dame contributed to your professional development?

SM: The curriculum at Notre Dame clearly prepared me as a transformational leader in the profession of nursing.  I had accepted the position of Clinical Coordinator of the ICU while in the BSN program.  That role rapidly changed and grew in to Clinical Nurse Manager of the ICU and eventually IMC and 3ET—STROKE/STEMI UNIT.  Since I had been successful in opening one new unit, I was asked to open the STROKE/STEMI Unit.  So much of what I learned and was exposed to through the professional relationships formed with my colleagues, supported me in my role and contributed to successes in my position.


VG: What advice would you give to students considering NDM’s nursing program?

SM: If you are considering, NDM’s nursing program, GO FOR IT!  There is no time like the present and you will never regret it.  Opportunities in nursing are never-ending, especially with a degree from Notre Dame of Maryland University on your resume.


VG: What advice would you give to current students in the program?

SM: If you are a student at Notre Dame, thrive on the support and relationships in your cohort.  They will be with you for life.  Stay organized and focused on the graduation ceremony that is getting closer every day.


VG: Anything else you’d like to add….

SM: I am truly honored that my opinion has been sought.  Thank you for the opportunity to reminisce on a very special time in my nursing career and professional development.





Service Learning Abroad: Sharon Perez Shares Her Experiences in Cape Town, South Africa Back to Top



Sharon Perez, a current RN to BSN student in cohort 210, recently had the opportunity to travel to both Australia and South Africa for service learning experiences abroad. Sharon greatly enjoyed her experiences and was happy to share some of her personal stories and insights gained with our newsletter staff.

VG: Where do you go for your study abroad/service learning experience?

SP: I had the privilege of traveling to Cairns and Sydney, Australia as well as Cape Town, South Africa.

VG: Why did you decide to go?

SP: I learned of the travel abroad opportunities during new student orientation.  Once I looked over the program, I emailed Ms. Barbara Friend for more information.  I knew this was something for me.  I am a visual person and I knew that being immersed in culture would definitely be a benefit to me.

VG: What were some of your daily tasks?

SP: In Cape Town, we were assigned to different clinical sites. Our purpose was not so much to provide physical care to the people, but more so to observe, ask questions and gain practical knowledge. 

VG: Can you describe a typical day?

SP: A typical day in Cape Town…We started off with breakfast and then we met up with our wonderful drivers, Parks and Simon. We were dropped off at our clinical sites in groups. We spent a few hours at the sites before heading back to the hotel. We then rested up a bit and headed out to dinner, embarked on a tour or simply relaxed in the dining hall of the hotel. There was always plenty to do.

VG: What did you enjoy most about the experience?

SP: I must say that it is difficult to choose what I enjoyed the most because I enjoyed everything. We had a wonderful group and everything was planned just right. I enjoyed riding through the city, visiting Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela served his prison sentence), as well as our evening tea. The clinical sites were amazing. I enjoyed riding through the “Cape Flats” as well as visiting District 6.  If I had to choose, I would have to say that I enjoyed learning about my own history and who I am as an African American women and the obligation I have to my community.

VG: Is there one particular story or experience that sticks out in your mind?

SP: So many things come to mind, however, the one that stands out the most to me is the TB/HIV testing. We were assigned to CWD - a community clinic focusing on prevention. This particular day we were planning to go to a mall to set up tents for testing. I was shocked when they set up four red tents in the food court!  I just knew nobody would come, so I volunteered to go first. When I came out of the tent, people were actually lining up to be tested! This would NOT happen in the states! It was definitely a culture shock for me.

VG: Did the experience enrich your life in any way?

SP: This experience definitely enriched my life on so many levels. It made me recognize how privileged I am to be at a place in history where I can take advantage of education freely. It also made me really value my lot in life. Being in Cape Town helped me to recognize that family is most important and material things are not a means to happiness. Had I lived in Cape Town, I would have experienced racial segregation since Apartheid legally ended in 1994! That is a sobering thought.

VG: Would you recommend that other nursing students complete a service learning experience abroad?

I definitely would recommend a service learning experience to other nursing students. There are no words to express how the experience will change your views of nursing as well as humanity. Although I have traveled to different parts of the world, one fundamental truth remains: We all have the same struggles; we just experience them on different soil. The knowledge you gain from the experience will stay with you for a lifetime and will never become outdated. It has changed me and my way of thinking. If you have the opportunity….GO…you will not regret it!



Are you interested in service learning abroad? Check out this exciting opportunity:

England, Wales and Ireland

May 28th through June 8th 2012

Learn about the oldest national health system in the world that is also a leader in health promotion and preventative medicine. See the sites of London, Wales and Ireland! Meets credit requirements for NUR 406 or 431. Cost is $3,750 plus tuition (this cost will come down with a larger group). Partial scholarships may be available if this is your first study abroad trip.

NON-NURSING Students, alumni and others welcome!

For more information, email Barbara Friend at bfriend@ndm.edu


Tip of the Month: APA versus MLA Back to Top


As a student, you have undoubtedly seen both of the three letter acronyms above: APA and MLA. But what exactly do they mean, and how do you know which one to use?

APA is the documentation method preferred by the American Psychological Association. It is most commonly used in the science and social science disciplines (education, political science, psychology, criminology, nursing, sociology, etc.).

MLA refers to the documentation method of the Modern Language Association. It is most commonly used in the arts and humanities discipline (philosophy, history, English, literature, etc.).

When in doubt, it’s always best to ask your professor which documentation style you should use to cite your sources. Don’t forget that proper citation includes both in-text references (or footnotes) and a works cited (or bibliography) page at the very end of your paper.

If you would like personal assistance, please do not hesitate to make an appointment at Notre Dame’s Writing Center – a free resource for all Notre Dame students! Appointments can be made by calling 410-532-5113.

You can also check out the Loyola/Notre Dame Library’s tutorial on APA and MLA citations here: http://www.loyola.edu/library/ref/biblios.htm




Look it Up: APA Workshop Back to Top


When: Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Where: Knott Science Center, 1st floor computer lab

Want to learn the basics of APA style, or need a refresher on some of the citation rules? Attend the Academic Career and Enrichment Center's (ACE) Research Strategies for the Notre Dame Student.

The workshop will include APA format, in-text citations, and reference page tips for your papers.

To RSVP for the session, please contact ACE at 410-532-5387 or ace@ndm.edu




WinterFest is Coming! Back to Top



When: Saturday, February 25, 2012, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Where: MBK Gymnasium

Don't miss out on Notre Dame's wonderful winter tradition. Our annual WinterFest will include lots of fun carnival games, food, music, raffle prizes, and more!

Admission to WinterFest is free for students and their guests, but there are costs associated with games and food.

Questions? Contact Megan Rose 410-532-3158 or mrose@ndm.edu

Hope to see you there!




"Why I Attend the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies" by Tracey Burdock, RN Back to Top


My choice to attend CAUS was based on the need for further education along with the busy and often chaotic work schedule of today's modern Critical Care Nurse. 

My experiences with CAUS have already proven to be of importance and convenience by adding to my growing base of nursing knowledge while allowing me to attend classes in a convenient once-a-week format so as not to interrupt my budding career. 

While I do not currently have a family with small children, I feel confident that, due to CAUS' wonderfully accessible class scheduling modalities, my life does not need to be placed on hold for me to enhance my education and career!



CAUS Asks....CAUS Students Win! Back to Top

CAUS wants to know...

What has been your favorite class at Notre Dame so far? Why?


Who has been your favorite professor at Notre Dame so far? Why?

Submit your answer (a few lines will suffice) to vgue1@ndm.edu. We will include your responses in the next issue of the newsletter and a few lucky names will be chosen to WIN either a registration fee waiver for Summer or Fall 2012 OR a $20 Barnes n Noble gift card (your choice!)

Submissions are due by Friday, March 9th.