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Civera Gallery

The Civera Gallery, made possible through the generosity of Ed and Judy Civera, is on the second floor of the University Academic Building and features work by NDMU Art students and alumnae. It is run by the Student Art Society (SAS).

No Other Colors
Casidy Toulan ‘17

a collection of black and white photographs

Artist’s Reception Wednesday, October 26 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Artist’s Statement
No Other Colors is a collection of black and white photographs created with the inspiration of women and their self-expression. Self-expression is a piece of what makes up one’s personality. The photographs in No Other Colors are meant to express how bold and confident a woman can be without the use of color within the images. The name of the show comes from an alternate meaning of black and white; the photographs are meant to radiate the beauty of the women while only using gray scale.
The women who are present in the series are diverse. They each have a story that makes them unique and through the photographs they are able to express their story and let their confidence shine. They come from culturally diverse backgrounds, the LGBT community and struggle with mental illness and so much more. These women are able to express themselves for who they are through these images while allowing an escape from everyday lives. The influence that each one of these ladies has had on me is where the inspiration comes from to create this collection. As you view the series, I hope that you can create your own story through the images before you.

About the Artist

Cassidy Toulan is a senior art major with an emphasis in photography.
She is establishing her own business, Daisy Digital Works, that specializes in portraiture.
She more of her work at daisydigitalworks.com.