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Department: Art


Gormley Gallery

Erin Raedeke:  Nonfiction

October 20  through November 25, 2014

Reception Saturday, October 25 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Gallery Talk  Tuesday, November 25 at noon

Artist’s Statement

My paintings are attempts to piece together an unspoken narrative.  Seemingly disparate objects in a still life setting take on shifting roles.  A relic from the past might be selected to play out a specific memory, only to uncover potent themes.  An object that is initially chosen for purely aesthetic reasons may later reveal unexpected connections.  Nothing is random.  

Like the remains left after a meal, the unwanted residue built up in the unconscious can be observed.  The process of intense looking with suspended judgment leads to discovery.  A script is not forced upon the set-up; a composition is not artificially planned.  The goal of observation is not to record facts verbatim, precisely measuring the subject, but to respond to reality.  Facts, relationships, memories, light and the unconscious are all real.