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Department: Classical Studies

Classical Studies

Classical Studies Major

A major in Classical Studies consists of 13 courses in Latin, Greek, classics, ancient history, art, philosophy and related courses, excluding the 101 level of the primary language. Students select from:

1. Four of the following courses

LLT/LGK102 Beginning Latin/Greek II 
LLT/LGK103 Intermediate Latin/Greek I
LLT/LGK203  Intermediate Latin/Greek II 
LLT/LGK258  Readings in Latin/Greek Literature 
LLT234  Latin Poetry 
LLT308  The Letters of Cicero and Pliny 
LLT334  Roman Drama 
LLT335  Roman Historians 
LLT336  Virgil 
LLT408  Early Christian Writers 
LLT410  Latin Prose Composition 
LGK336  Homer 

2. Eight of the following or other related courses

LCL303  Women in the Ancient World
LCL331  The Making and Meaning of Words 
LCL332  Scientific and Specialized Terminology 
LCL371 Classical Mythology
LCL372 Classical Archeology
HIS103  The Ancient World 
ART211  Ancient Art 
ART212  Medieval and Renaissance Art 
PHL303  Ancient Philosophy 
PHL304  Medieval Philosophy 
IDS371H  The Power of Ideas 
LCO377H  The Epic Tradition 
LLT358  Roman Thought and Culture (CAUS) 
LGK358  Greek Thought and Culture (CAUS) 
  Any Latin or Greek course beyond the four that are required. 

3. At least one of the following

LCL/LLT/LGK/LTK427  Archeological Study Tours 
LCL/LLT/LGK/LTK463  Independent Study 
LCL/LLT/LGK465  Directed Readings 

4. LFN450 Research Seminar