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Student Work

Selected work completed by students in the Digital Media Arts program.

Student in the Digital Media Arts program work in a variety of media, from two-dimensional graphic design, to video and motion graphics. They have the opportunity to screen the work in class, and at events hosted by Digital Media Arts and the Communications Department. Their work can also be seen presented at the Digital Media Arts Hallway Gallery, in the fourth floor of Gibbons.

Below are a few examples of the work being done by students in a wide range of courses.

Collection of Graphic Design Projects: (lightbox gallery??)


The Golden Mind: video piece made as part of a large social media campaign on meditation.

By Stacey Baeur and Jaysalee Ferrer-De Los Santos


Stop Motion/Pixilation: video piece using stop motion and pixilation techniques.

By Brea Kehr


Haiku in Motion: work using motion graphics to animate a poem.

By Darryl Hayden


Mashup: montage of video and audio clips found in the Prelinger Archives using different montage techniques.

By Daniel Calhoun


5x10 Motion Shots: five ten-second shots using different motion techniques to depict a story or narrative.

By Brea Kehr


Collection of Typography Projects: (lightbox gallery??)