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Department: English


The English department of Notre Dame of Maryland University focuses on developing in students an appreciation of the art of literature and a capacity for solid research and writing about literature. Understanding that literature is rooted in nuance and mystery, the English department encourages students to explore the possibilities of meaning in a novel, a play, a poem, an essay. Students are taught to analyze a work in a way that respects the integrity of the work and, at the same time, acknowledges the validity of multiple interpretations. All of this is done in the context of literary theory and literary history.

English majors are also taught to write about literature. Expected to synthesize critical sources in substantive research papers, they learn systematic methods of literary research. They also learn to write clear and effective essays about literature and are expected to demonstrate facility in creating at least one literary form.

It is the intent of the English department to shape majors who can read comprehensively, think critically, speak effectively and write persuasively. The English department does this in the context of the liberal arts tradition to which the University is committed.

The English department offers a major in English and minors in English and drama to students in the Women’s College. Women’s College students may also pursue a preparatory program for secondary certification in English.  Around the core of required English courses, each student can construct a program with an emphasis on either literature or writing, or a balance of both. Special features of the English department are opportunities in creative writing and drama.


The Frances Haussner Writing Scholarship: open to incoming students.

The Margaret Dempsy McManus Scholarship: open to incoming students.

The Ladonna W. and Raymond J. Baginski Centennial Scholarship: open to incoming students.

The Sister Maura Eichner Scholarship: open to incoming first-year students, and open each year to a rising junior.

The Clare and Robert Moore Scholarship Fund: open to both current full-time students and incoming first-year students.

For More Information: Contact Sr. Margaret Ellen Mahoney, SSND, English Department Chair.