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Department: Languages


Spanish Major

Below are the requirements for the Spanish major.


  • 33 CREDIT HOURS (11 courses)
  • LANGUAGE SKILLS COURSES begin at the 200 level
  • GRADE OF C OR ABOVE in all language courses in the major
LFN201 World of Language (Introduction to the discipline, taught in English
LSP233 Spanish for Oral Proficiency
LSP234 Spanish for Written Proficiency
LSP301 Advanced Conversation & Composition I
LSP302 Advanced Conversation & Composition II
LSP258 Readings in Hispanic Literature
LSP358 Spanish Culture & Civilization OR LSP359 Latin American Culture & Civilization
LSP3__ Literature Course
LFN450 Research Seminar

Additionally, two electives at or above the 300 level are required.

Options for 300 or 400-level Courses

** prior departmental approval required**

  • Consortium (Loyola, Hopkins, Goucher, Towson, Morgan)
  • Study Abroad (strongly recommended)
  • Internship or Teaching Apprentice (strongly recommended)
  • Notre Dame Study Tour Abroad