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The new Integrated Marketing Communications major is an interdisciplinary program for students in the Women’s College who are interested in pursuing careers in a dynamic and rapidly expanding field. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) involves the coordination of a company’s marketing and communication efforts towards the creation of holistic messages that maximize consumer satisfaction at minimal cost.   Notre Dame’s IMC major provides students with a comprehensive mix of real-world business skills and cutting-edge communication tools that will help them succeed, whether they choose positions in small local start-up companies or giant global corporations.

Underpinning the IMC major is a consistent liberal arts approach that allows students to draw the best from two diverse disciplines. From Communication Arts, students receive a broad foundation in writing and speaking skills, as well as specific career training in a range of creative fields, such as advertising, public relations, event planning and publication design. From Business, students acquire a broad knowledge base in key areas such as finance, teamwork and negotiation, along with a thorough mastery of the full spectrum of marketing strategies and   promotional tactics.   The variety of courses available in Notre Dame’s IMC program allows students to develop a thorough knowledge of communication theories, processes and technologies while cultivating the necessary business experience and flexibility to adapt to current and future marketplace trends. 

The program culminates in a professional level practicum through which students gain entry level work experience analyzing, designing, implementing, and reviewing Integrated Marketing Communication plans for local businesses.  Graduates from Notre Dame’s IMC program will be able to recognize the role that new media technologies have played in changing the ways that brands are managed.  They will gain a thorough understanding of the techniques by which new products are advertised and promoted, and a deep appreciation of the centrality of consumers in any successful Integrated Marketing Communication campaign.