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Department: Nursing



Students are admitted to Notre Dame of Maryland University as pre-nursing students. During their first and second years, students take liberal arts and sciences, general education requirements, and all support courses for the nursing major. Admission to NDMU does not automatically ensure progression to the nursing major; however, all students who meet the minimum criteria will be accepted to the nursing major.

The following is a suggested curriculum plan.

First Year

Fall Credits Spring Credits

CHM-108 Survey of General, Organic & Biochemistry


BIO-282 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
IDS-100 Perspectives on Education and Culture 3 ENG-XXX English Literature gen ed 3
ENG-101 College Writing 3 MAT-103 Applied Algebra 3
BIO-281 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 PHL-201 Introduction to Philosophy 3
    PSY-101 Introductory Psychology 4
Total credits 14 Total credits 17

Second Year

Fall Credits Spring Credits

BIO-260 Genetics and Genomics for Clinical Practice


BIO-253 General Microbiology 4
RST-201 Introduction to Biblical Studies 3 SOC-101 Introductory Sociology 3
HIS-XXX History gen ed 3 RST-300/400 Level Elective 3
BIO-205 Nutrition (Online) 3 General Elective if needed (see recommendations) 3
PSY-233 Human Growth & Development 3 MAT-215 Basic Statistics 3
PHL-339 Medical Ethics 3    
Total credits 18 Total credits 13-16

Third Year

Fall Credits Spring Credits

NUR-301 Holistic Health Assessment


NUR-310 Pathopharmacology 4

NUR-305 Foundations of a Caring Profession


NUR-311 Professional Nursing Care of the Adult I

NUR-303 Nursing Informatics 2

NUR-312 Nursing Care of Children and Families

NUR-304 Healthy Aging 3 NUR-407 Nursing Research 3
Elective if needed (see recommendations) 3    
Total credits 14-17 Total credits 15

Fourth Year

Fall Credits Spring Credits

NUR-408 Maternal and Infant Nursing


NUR-432 Nursing Leadership in the New Millennium 3
NUR-409 Professional Nursing Care of the Adult II 4 NUR-431 Community Health Nursing 4
NUR-410 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 4 NUR-461 Clinical Practicum 5
NUR-406 Contemporary Trends and Theory in Nursing 3 NUR-451 Senior Seminar 3
Total credits 15 Total credits 15

Total General Education credits - 62-68

Total Nursing credits - 59

Total credits - 121-127