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Short-term Programs

Notre Dame of Maryland University recognizes that we live in a global environment and encourages students, graduates, and others in the community to broaden their educational and personal horizons through short-term study abroad experiences.

Short-term academic experiences abroad, carefully developed and planned by faculty members with expertise and extensive travel experience, can be taken for college credit or personal enrichment.

  • All short-term academic experiences abroad satisfy the general education cross-cultural requirement.
  • Prices and dates are subject to change.
  • Scholarships are available to qualified students.
  • Please check with the faculty leader for specific details.

Short-term academic experiences abroad application - Apply Now!

You may be eligible for a Stevenson / Copeland Endowed Award or a $1,000 Morrissy Study Tour Scholarship.

2017 Short-term Academic Experiences Abroad

West Palm Beach, FL
January 2017
Sister Linda Stilling, SSND (lstilling@ndm.edu, 410.532.5306)

Mexico – Arizona
Spring Break 2017
Ms. Mary Burch Harmon (mharmon@ndmd.edu, 410.532.5563) 

Queens, NY
Spring Break 2017
Sister Linda Stilling, SSND (lstilling@ndm.edu, 410.532.5306) 

Spring Break 2017
Dr. Patricia Dwyer (pdwyer@ndm.edu, 410.532.5560) 

Spring Break 2017; Fall 2017
Dr. Mary Packard, RN (mpackard@ndm.edu, 410.532.5529) 

The Netherlands
Spring Break 2017
Drs. Ammad Sheikh and Mischelle Van Brakle (mvanbrakle@ndm.edu, 410.532.5704) 

Spring Break 2017
Dr. Hannah Murphy Buc (hbuc@ndm.edu, 410.532.5539) 

Costa Rica
Summer 2017
Dr. Sarah Haines, Towson University and Dr. Juliann Dupuis (jdupuis@ndm.edu, 410.532.5148) 

Summer 2017
Sister Theresa Lamy and Sister Therese Marie Dougherty (tdougherty@ndm.edu, 410.532.5559) 

FOR MORE INFORMATION - Please contact the lead faculty member(s) listed.

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