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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can study abroad? Back to Top

Anybody can, everybody should! Any Notre Dame student of sophomore status (minimum 30 credits) who has declared her major and has a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (some programs require a 3.0).


When can I study abroad? Back to Top

Fall, winter, spring or summer! Students may study abroad during their sophomore or junior year, or during the first semester of their senior year.


What types of programs are available? Back to Top

All kinds! Academic Programs (two to four weeks, semesters, summers, or year-long); as well as Work Abroad, Teach Abroad and Volunteer Abroad Programs.


How can I finance study abroad? Back to Top

Easily! Students who choose semester-long programs pay Notre Dame tuition, room and board and may apply all of their federal, state and institutional financial aid to Notre Dame-sponsored programs abroad. Eligible students may qualify for tuition aid for short-term academic programs abroad. Some additional financial aid is available to qualified students.


Will I receive academic credit for the courses I take abroad? Back to Top

Yes! Students work with their academic advisors and study abroad advisor to select study abroad courses that can be used to fulfill graduation requirements at Notre Dame. In Notre Dame-sponsored programs, all credits are actual Notre Dame academic credits. Where possible, study abroad courses may be used to fulfill requirements in the major and general education. Credits completed as part of non-Notre Dame programs may transfer back to Notre Dame.


Can I study abroad and still complete my degree in a timely fashion? Back to Top

Absolutely! The key is to plan ahead; with enough preparation and help from your academic and study abroad advisors, staying on schedule should not be a problem.


But what if my major doesn't seem really "international"? Back to Top

Every major is international! Imagine mathematics without Descartes, literature without Shakespeare, or science without Madame Curie! Notre Dame is committed to providing all students with an educational experience that is truly international.

Your undergraduate experience prepares you to gain an understanding of others in a culturally diverse world, and study abroad is the perfect tool. When any graduate enters the work force, employers aren't just looking at academic performance; they are looking for life experience. Life-enriching experiences like study abroad make students stand out as risk-takers and as people who are interested in taking their learning and communication skills one step further.


What about my language skills? Back to Top

No experience sharpens skills in a foreign language more than living abroad. Programs are, however, offered in various English-speaking countries and most programs in non-English-speaking countries offer classes taught in English.


Who will help me plan? Back to Top

The Sister Kathleen Feeley International Center houses the Study Abroad Resource Center, open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Literature, catalogues, books and videos on all Notre Dame programs are available. Stop in to schedule an appointment with the director of study abroad.


Where can I go? Back to Top

Notre Dame has programs across the globe. We have University-sponsored programs in China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, England, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Australia and Tunisia.


What can I study? Back to Top

Programs of study include language, culture, area studies, chemistry, geography, economics, business, political science, art, theater, history, religion, biology, psychology, women's studies and philosophy, among other disciplines.