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Assessment process guidelines

  • Assessment programs shall be compatible with the Notre Dame philosophy, mission and goals.
  • The approval of assessment program policies is the province of the vice president for academic affairs.
  • Assessment is the responsibility of department chairs and program coordinators.
  • All faculty are involved in the assessment of the program.
  • Program improvement is the goal of outcomes assessment.
  •  Established principles of measurement are applied in the assessment process.
  • Multiple measures are used to ensure valid data collection.
  • Assessment does not discriminate against students of varied ethnic, cultural, economic or social backgrounds.
  • Consistent with college policies and practices, assessment data are treated with the same level of confidentiality and privacy as prescribed by the Buckley Amendment and other federal and state guidelines.
  • All aspects of the assessment program, including the guiding principles, are subject to periodic review and revision.

With these principles as the basis for assessment activities, the campus seeks ways to review and improve all programs. Though the process of assessment can seem daunting, the reports can be simple and straightforward and still contain valuable information.

If you would like help completing the assessment forms for your program or department, please feel free to contact Kathryn Doherty, associate vice president for academic affairs.