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Grant Team Roles

Principal Investigator or Project Director (PI/PD) is the lead faculty member responsible for directing the research or other academic and programmatic goals of the project, fulfilling all proposed activities, and reporting to the funder. Specific responsibilities include: 

  • Drafts the initial proposal/grant application with approval of department chair/dean of school and with support from CFGR director;
  • Notifies CFGR director of whether proposal is funded or declined, forwarding initial award notification package;
  • With CFGR director, convenes and facilitates a team orientation meeting that includes PI, grant team, and directors of CFGR and financial services;
  • Ensures that the project is conducted according to University administrative and academic policy, the terms and conditions of the grant award and funding agency and applicable state and federal law;
  • Manages and coordinates all correspondence with the funding agency;
  • Ensures the successful performance of the project management team;
  • Tracks progress of project or program, ensuring teams fulfill all activities in the grant proposal (Note: The PI/PD must provide a brief report on the status of financial and project goals to the dean of the sponsoring school at least five days prior to the dean’s council meetings in September, December, March and June.);
  • Completes and submits agency reports by the deadline, with copies of all reports submitted to the CFGR director; and
  • Tracks expenditures through Datatel WebAdvisor to ensure that all funds are spent and expenditures are limited to the total dollar amount awarded. 


  • The PI’s signature must appear on all financial transactions and documents related to the project’s completion.
  • In addition, the dean of the sponsoring School must sign all financial transactions and documents. 

Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations (CFGR Director) is responsible for supporting faculty and University leaders to meet their academic, capital and research goals by maximizing funding from external sources. Specific responsibilities include: 

  • Promotes Request for Proposals (RFPs) and other funding opportunities from corporate, foundation and governmental funders to relevant faculty and University leaders;
  • Actively engages with faculty and University leaders to identify external funders that are best fit for proposed project;
  • Works closely with deans to draft proposals for projects that are deemed University priorities, and provides editorial assistance to faculty to develop  strongest possible proposals for faculty submissions;
  • Drafts letters of support from president and/or VP of academic affairs to accompany grant proposal, as needed;
  • Reviews terms and conditions of grant award to ensure they comply  with the University’s policies;
  • Distributes the initial award notification package to University leaders;
  • Drafts acknowledgment for grant on behalf of the president and/or VP of academic affairs; 
  • With PI, convenes and facilitates a grant team orientation meeting that includes PI, other relevant faculty, and directors of CFGR and financial services;
  • Supports PI on drafting narrative for interim and final reports to grantor, as needed;
  • Meets twice a semester with deans to review the status of each school’s active grants and pending proposals, and promote current funding opportunities; and
  • Provides periodic overview of university grant activity to VP of academic affairs and VP/AVP of institutional advancement, and works closely with both to develop institutional strategies for corporate, foundation and government funders. 

Controller/Director of Financial Services is responsible for the financial administration of the grant on behalf of the University, and completing financial reports to funding agencies. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Establishes a grant account within the Datatel accounting system, and provides the account number to the PI/PD and CFGR director. (At that time, PI will be offered training from Business Office staff on how to access the account via Datatel WebAdvisor.);
  • Coordinates and completes the drawdown and reimbursement of state and federal funds;
  • Ensures that all grant expenditures are properly recorded in Datatel in conjunction with the PI/PD;
  • Completes the funder’s required interim and final financial reports for the PI/PD by the required deadline;  
  • Completes the quarterly federal financial report for the funding agency, as required by federal grants; and
  • Consults with PI on creating and updating project budgets, and comparing project budgets with up-to-date expenditures and balance, in order to regularly assess and report on financial health of the project.