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Pangborn Fund

The Pangborn Fund is an endowed fund designated to support professional activities for full-time faculty members. 

Money from the fund, which is administered by the vice president for academic affairs, may be used to defray the cost of attending meetings of professional associations, conferences and seminars. The fund can be used to cover the registration fee, assist with transportation, and help defray food and lodging costs.


Funding priority is given to faculty members who

  1. are delivering papers at a conference or workshop,
  2. are traveling to serve as an officer in a professional organization, and
  3. have not used the fund recently.


Applications for Pangborn funding are accepted three times per year: March 15, July 15, and October 15.

Faculty members should submit the Pangborn Fund Application to the office of the vice president for academic affairs as early in the year as possible, but at least three weeks prior to the date of the meeting. The application should include a statement of professional objectives and estimates of expenditures for attending the meeting.

After the meeting, the faculty member is required to submit the Pangborn Fund Post-Meeting Report Form. This form asks for an assessment of the degree to which professional objectives were achieved and for a summary of expenditures.

Application Form

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