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School of Arts, Sciences, and Business


The MA in Leadership and Management program consists of 39 credits.

Central Core (27 credits)

BUS-501 Managing in A Dynamic Environment
BUS-530 Financial Analysis
BUS-558 Leadership and Organizational Development
BUS-560 Marketing Management
COM-505 Business Communication
CST-534 Data Driven Business Decisions
ECO-548 Economic Theory in Management
PHL-521 Ethical Issues in Leadership
BUS-651 Strategic Organizational Leadership (Capstone)

*After a careful review of a student’s admissions essay and/or GRE/GMAT exam scores, a student may be required to complete ENG-503 Graduate Writing within their first nine credits at the University.

Concentrations (12 credits)

Students may select one of five concentrations or an individualized specialization. Students complete 4 of the listed classes in a concentration OR 12 credits of coursework of special interest in business, economics, communications, computer studies and nonprofit management.

Health Care Administration 

BUS-520 Introduction to U.S. Health Care System
BUS-521 Health Care Economics
BUS-523 The Business of Healthcare
BUS-525 Health Services Financing
NUR-518 Health Policy

Principled Leadership 

BUS-551 Leadership’s Darkside
BUS-554 Women in Leadership OR
BUS- 511 Topics in Leadership
BUS-562 Leading Organizational Change
BUS- 559 Non-positional Leadership

Human Resource Management 

BUS-500 Human Resource Management
Students must take three of the following:
BUS-540 Human Resource Development
BUS-541 Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
BUS-542 Performance Management Systems
BUS-545 Compensation Strategies

Information Systems 

CST-511 Topics in Information Systems
CST-530 Foundations of Knowledge Management
CST 531 Data Design and Management
CST 532 Knowledge Tools (prerequisite CST 531)
CST 540 Data Visualization (prerequisite CST 531)
CST-580 Web-Based Analytics
CST-593 Web Development

Project Management (online courses only)

BUS-640 Leading Projects in Contemporary Organizations
BUS-641 Project Monitoring and Delivery
BUS-642 Management of Project Performance
BUS-643 Delivering Business Process Improvement

Leadership and Management Certificate

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Leadership and Management is designed for those who are interested in leadership as a core practice and are interested in mastering challenges and effecting change while acting from an ethical base. All five courses required for the certificate may be applied to the Master of Arts in Leadership and Management. Several of these courses are offered online. 

BUS-501 Managing in a Dynamic Environment
BUS-552 Leadership’s Dark Side
BUS-562 Leading Organizational Change
BUS-640 Leading Projects in Contemporary Organizations or BUS-559 Non-Positional Leadership
PHL-521 Ethical Issues in Leadership