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Leadership in Action: Coached Leadership Practicum

The Department of Business and Economics now offers qualified graduate students in our Leadership and Management and Nonprofit Management programs a unique leadership opportunity while you earn credit toward your master’s degree.

The Leadership in Action: Coached Leadership Practicum is a three-credit, 500-level course. If you qualify, you’ll be paired with a professionally trained leadership coach to develop and implement a project that addresses workplace or community needs and is aligned with your values and aspirations. Through the course, you’ll utilize and further develop your leadership skills to make a significant impact in your organization or community. Criteria and application form follow. For questions or additional information, please contact Program Director John Pollard at jpollard@ndm.edu or at 410-532-5596.

Student Criteria

  • GPA of 3.0 or better
  • 15  completed graduate credits at NDMU
  • Graduate student enrolled in the Leadership and Management or Nonprofit Management program

Leadership Project Criteria

  • Project rationale related to long-term career aspirations and to meeting a workplace or community need for which you are passionate
  • Is aligned with Notre Dame’s mission to educate leaders to transform the world
  • Will make a measurable difference in the lives of a target group of individuals or organization
  • Builds your reputation and visibility as a leader
  • Can be completed in three to four months (one semester)
  • Links to your long-term career aspirations or goals and is something you care deeply about
  • Requires teambuilding to help implement the project objectives 

Student Application and Student Project Proposal

Before completing the application below, please review this list of project examples. You'll be asked to describe a proposed project in Part II of the application. 

  • Conduct an analysis for those trends that will most impact your business or industry and recommend strategies for addressing them.
  • Organize and implement a fundraising event for a special cause.
  • Develop and implement a major change plan for your organization.
  • Raise consciousness about diverse cultures in your workplace or community in a way that builds respect and understanding.
  • Organize and implement an orientation program for your workplace.
  • Develop and implement a financial literacy course (how to get a loan, how to buy a car, setting up 401K, building a budget, etc.).
  • Identify a need in your organization and build a team to create a project plan to obtain resources and address this need.
  • Plan and implement a major event.
  • Design and implement a program to improve the health and well-being of your organization: nutrition, exercise, drugs, obesity, etc.
  • Create a tutoring program for immigrants to enhance reading, writing or speaking English.
  • Design a website for a social issue in conjunction with the social needs of your organization or community.
  • Create and implement a campaign for 100 Compassionate Cities in conjunction with the Charter for Compassion International.

Part I: Student Application

Choose 3 of the skills above in which you excel and cite one 1-2 accomplishments that demonstrate your proficiency for each:

Part II: Student Project Proposal