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Master of Science in Analytics in Knowledge Management

Meeting the need for organizations to manage "Big Data."

The knowledge-based economy and the explosive growth of Internet-related information have increased the need for the creative and effective use of knowledge. Organizations must now manage the architecture of knowledge from a variety of traditional and Internet- based resources through Data Analytics.

Analytics in Knowledge Management (KM) is the systematic process of developing, organizing, retaining and using knowledge resources that contribute to an organization’s sustained success. To adapt to the fast-changing and competitive economy, public and private organizations have hired KM professionals to enhance their ability to serve clients and realize strategic priorities.

Maryland, with its rich environment of corporations, medical enterprises, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, recognizes the role of the KM professional as a critical resource capable of taking the lead in the development and implementation of strategically focused initiatives.

Notre Dame’s Master of Science program in Analytics in Knowledge Management focuses on multidisciplinary competencies in areas of knowledge management technologies, quantitative processes, and economic principles of change risk management. The program prepares professionals to specialize in the creation, enhancement and use of knowledge.

The program is 36 credits, including computer studies, math and economics. Classes will be offered in a cohort model: seven-week classes, one night a week, two consecutive courses per semester.

“Knowledge Management is a field of study that I see being used every day by our portfolio companies. Any company that targets the health care, legal, or educational markets needs to have an understanding of KM.”

Tom Kuegler
General Partner
Wasabi Ventures, LLC
Knowledge and Guidance for Entrepreneurs