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Master of Arts in Administration & Supervision for Changing Populations

The Master of Arts in Administration & Supervision for Changing Populations is in response to the multicultural society in which we live and the changing nature of the school populations faced by our teachers in our schools today. This thirty-six (36) credit program signals the deep commitment by Notre Dame of Maryland University to provide for the continuing education of teachers as leaders in our elementary and secondary schools.

EDU 557 Leadership Seminar I 
EDU 567  Learning Theory and Practice 
EDU 543  Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Educational Research 
EDU 563  Curriculum Development 
EDU 560  Legal Issues for Teachers and Administrators 
EDU 697  Language and Intercultural Communication for Changing Populations 
EDU 624  Dialects in American Schools
EDU 569  Supervision: Empowering Teachers 
EDU 674  Global and International Perspectives in Education 
EDU 698  Linguistic and Cultural Diversity 
*EDU 688  Practicum I: Administration and Supervision 
*EDU 690  Practicum II: Administration and Supervision 

*Last two classes of program.  Must receive a B or better in both sections of the practicum for certification to be granted.

Upon completion of program participants will have:

1) masters degree with Administrator 1 certification

2) eighteen credits toward a Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership for Changing Populations  

ePortfolio Required

Certification:  Administrator I

All programs offered by the School of Education at Notre Dame of Maryland University are NCATE and MSDE approved.

For additional information please contact:
Main campus/other locations
Ms. Donna Schissler
School of Education
Academic Advisor

Southern Maryland
Dr. Karen Wooten 
School of Education
Associate Dean 


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