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Post Masters Certification: TESOL

The Post Masters Certification in TESOL seeks to prepare teachers to cope with the growing demand for teachers of English as a second language. The demand for teachers of English as a second or foreign language, both in the United States and abroad is higher than ever. This twenty-one (21) credit program provides advanced study for certified professionals who wish to become leaders in teaching English as a second or foreign language through graduate study in pedagogy, linguistics, cross-cultural communication, and second language teaching methodology. This program develops competencies essential for leadership ESL/EFL educators.

EDU 545 Principles of Linguistics  (Pre-Requisite*) 
EDU 508  Issues in TESOL 
*EDU 548  Language Learning 
*EDU 546  Methods and Materials for Second Language Teaching 
*EDU 547  Assessing Second Language Acquisition (pre-requisite EDU 546 or permission of instructor) 
*EDU 586  Teaching Reading and Writing to Students w/Limited English Facility 
*EDU 598
*EDU 596 
Topics in Applied Linguistics: Variation in English

English Grammar for ESL Teachers 

Prerequisite:  6 credits in a second language are required by completion of program.  Courses may be taken at the undergraduate level.

*Prerequisite:  successful completion of EDU 545

Must pass TESOL Praxis II by the end of program.

ePortfolio Required

Certification:  TESOL

All programs offered by the School of Education at Notre Dame of Maryland University are NCATE and MSDE approved.

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