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Graduate and Current Student Testimonials:

Notre Dame of Maryland University has a proud history of serving as a catalytic change agent in the field of education. Thus, Notre Dame of Maryland University continues its evolutionary (and sometimes revolutionary) pathway and mission to educate leaders to transform the world by providing “Distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs [that] challenge women and men to strive for intellectual and professional excellence, to build inclusive communities, to engage in service to others and to promote social responsibility.” The Teacher Education Programs at Notre Dame of Maryland University seek, above all, to instill in our students a desire to be proactive as future leaders and decision-makers within the education enterprise, and to value teaching as the vocation that enables the choices of others and supports the human impulse to grow.

It has been a wonderful experience to study at Notre Dame and complete my internship at the Harford County Public Schools. The teachers and administrators at each institution genuinely cared about the program and the participants. I particularly wish to thank … Paula Simon and Russ Holmes, as well as Sister Sharon Slear, SSND. They each took an active interest in my graduate school education and played a significant role in my success in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. 


Danielle Post Lopinski, Class of 2016, M.A. in Leadership in Teaching


I just wanted to share with you a little glimpse of the wonderful project that the students and I have been working on at Poly High School. The first project of the year was to create a portfolio to hold each student's work for the rest of the year. The requirements are to have their name, period number, and seat number included in the design. Mr. Hoge, my mentor teacher, initially introduced the assignment, and I took over individualized instruction for the rest of the time. The projects are done in a graffiti style on a brick wall background. There are close to 100 high school juniors and seniors in 3 sections of Drawing & Painting.

I found myself so inspired by Mr. Hoge and this project. I wanted to provide the students with an opportunity to see graffiti in the Baltimore City area. As a result, one day after class I went down to "Graffiti Alley" at Howard and North Avenue for a photo shoot. I took pictures and created a 5-minute presentation to show each section for inspiration.

While working on the project, I also came up with an idea of creating a slide show display of the students' work to showcase on a flat-screen TV at the main entrance of the school.

I am so blessed to have this internship opportunity. From what I've heard, Notre Dame is one of the best programs for teacher preparation. I can attest to that in the amount I have learned from my mentor in these short four weeks.

I am looking forward to what's ahead!

Many thanks,

Amber Barhorst M'14 (MAT-GEI)


Dear Mr. Holmes,

I have been hired by Baltimore County Public Schools as an elementary classroom teacher. Thank you so much for all of your help and placing me at Johnnycake for my internship. It was a fantastic school and a great learning experience. I started this school year feeling prepared and knowledgeable about what was ahead. I intend on finishing my Master's degree at Notre Dame as well. Thank you again.

Charlotte Ricks, Class of 2015, M.A. in Leadership in Teaching


A friend of mine recently decided to pursue his teaching certification. Immediately, I started to push Notre Dame. I made sure to give all kinds of great reviews about my experience there. I spoke with him last week, and he was very encouraged by how helpful [the advisor’s] email was. He said that it was very detailed, organized, and answered his questions thoroughly. I remembered back to my experience starting graduate school and was very grateful to everyone who helped me at Notre Dame. I was especially thankful for how helpful you were in getting my path organized and started. Thanks, and please be encouraged in the work you are doing. It is still making a good impression.

Karl Nebbia M’11