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School of Pharmacy

Notre Dame Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

Pre-pharmacy curriculum to be followed at Notre Dame

Notre Dame of Maryland University reserves the right to revise the curriculum at any time when deemed necessary and to apply such revisions to registered and accepted students and to new admissions.

CourseSemester Credit Hours
 ENG-101 College Writing  3
 ENG Literature Course  3
 COM-106 or 206 Oral Communication/Public Speaking  3
 PHL-330 or PHL 339 Ethics/Medical Ethics  3
 ECO-211 or 212 Micro-or-Macroeconomics  3
 MAT-211 or 212 Calculus I or II  4
 MAT-215 Basic Statistics  3
 CHM-110, 111 General Chemistry  8
 CHM-210, 211 Organic Chemistry  8
 BIO-111 Fundamentals of Biology  4
 BIO-201, 202 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, II*  8
 BIO-340 Microbiology ‡  4
 BIO-239 Genetics †  4
 PHY 101 or 102 General Physics I or II  4
 Social Sciences  6 
 IDS-100 First Year Seminar  3
 Elective credits from religious studies, fine arts, humanities, languages, business or interdisciplinary studies, excluding science, mathematics, physical education or health care courses.  3
 Total Credits  74

*Students enrolled in the Women’s College in fall 2008 and who at the time of admission received 8 transfer credits of anatomy & physiology may use these credits to satisfy the School of Pharmacy pre-requisite requirement when applying to the School of Pharmacy. Students who did not receive transfer credits at the time of admission and all students matriculating in the Women’s College fall 2009 and thereafter cannot use credits for anatomy & physiology received from community colleges to satisfy the School of Pharmacy pre-requisite requirement. Additionally, such students are required to take 8 credits of anatomy and physiology at College of Notre Dame should they wish to apply to the School of Pharmacy.

‡Students entering fall 2010 will be required to take BIO 313 Microbiology.

†Students who have taken BIO 309 Genetics prior to fall 2009 will satisfy this requirement.

Application process

The School of Pharmacy uses a two-step application process. The applicant must submit both a completed PharmCAS application and a School supplemental application and meet both the PharmCAS application deadline and the School supplemental application deadline.

Please click on this link for more detailed information about the application process.