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International Service

Using the service-learning philosophy, international service develops cross-cultural service projects/programs for students to serve locally and globally.

Service Abroad Opportunities

The Service Abroad program provides many different possibilities for students to study and learn the history and culture of the country, while earning four academic credits—one for the independent study and three for the service given.

Through Service Abroad, students can expand their knowledge of the world and their own self-giving. Unlike Study Abroad and short-term tours, Service Abroad allows students to serve the poor and needy of another culture. Prior to this opportunity, and to enhance the experience, students engage in an independent study to understand and appreciate the culture they will be working in. International service is a perfect balance between academic and experiential learning and personal growth experiences.

Service Abroad is an independent course (IDS-310) enhancing all of Notre Dame's departments and programs. Qualified students can give service in areas beyond the U.S., serving from four to eight weeks during Winterim or Summer Semesters. Third-and fourth-year students in the Women’s College and CAUS may apply.

International Service works closely with the Office of International Programs to create and deliver quality programs for international students from Notre Dame’s Sister Colleges.

Programs are tailored to the needs, interests, and curricular or co-curricular goals of participating groups. The Service Abroad Director works closely with Sister College faculty/staff to design a program tailored to the established learning goals. Generally, the programs will fit in one of the three formats:

  • Residential Service-Learning Summer Program
  • Residential Service-Learning January Program
  • Residential Service-Learning Semester Program