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Course Outlines


ART-243-01, Mat & Tech of the Old Masters (WN15)

BUS-255-20, Personal Financial Management (WN15)

BUS-411-20, Top: Personal Selling (WN15)

BUS-451-20, Women in Management (WN15)

COM-325-90/91, Film Themes: The Wire (WN15)

CRM-130-90, Criminology at the Movies (WN15)

EDU 252-20, SPE-373-20, and EDU 376-01, Clinical Field Experience in the Elementary School, Clinical Field Experience in Special Education, Clinical Field Experience in Secondary Education (WN15)

EDU-344-20, Tchg Rdg/Wrt Cont I-Sec (WN15)

EDU-491-20, Top: Elem Reading Materials (WN15)

EDU-491-02, Top: Tech for Instruc & Mgmt (WN15)

PHL-422-20, Theme/Film: Monster/Zombie/Freak (WN15)

RST-390-20, Contemporary Spirituality (WN15)

RST-409-20, Death & Dying (WN15)

SPE-326-20, Spec Edu Classroom Teacher (WN15)

SPE-491-20, Top: Comm Skills for Spec Educ (WN15)


ART-208-20, Creative Arts in Elem School (SP15)

ART-342-90, Hist/Aethetics of Photography (SP15)

ART-411-20, Exploration in Western Art (SP15)

BIO-150-20, Principles of Evolution (SP15)

BUS-303-20, Principles of Marketing (SP15)

BUS-416-20, Managing Financial Resources (SP15)

BUS-480-20, Organizational Behavior (SP15)

CHM-106-20, Intro to Organic Chemistry (SP15)

CRM-360-20, Research Meth & Crime Analysis (SP15)

CST-130-20, Intro to Microcomputer Applications (SP15)

CST-355-20, Project Management (SP15)

CST-489-90, Computer Studies Seminar (SP15)

ECO-212-90, Introduction to Microeconomics (SP15)

EDU-309-20, Instruction in Reading (SP15)

EDU-310-20, Math in Elem School (SP15)

EDU-315-20, Curr/Meth/Mat-Young Child (SP15)

EDU-360-20, Teach Read&Writg Lim Eng Stu (SP15)

EDU-460-20, Assessment of Reading (SP15)

EDU-491-22, Top:Tech for Instruc & Mgmt (SP15)

EDU-491-23, TopL: Child & Adolesc Psych (SP15)

ENG-250-20, Reading Poetry (SP15)

ENG-411-20, Top/Lit: Health & He

GEO-206-90, Geography Maj Reg World (SP15)

HIS-207-20, Ethnic Groups in America (SP15)

LGK-101-20, Beginning Greek I (Biblical) (SP15)

LSP-101-20, Beginning Spanish I (SP15)

MAT-125-20, Elementary Math Models (SP15)

MUS-132-20, Beginning Class Piano (SP15)

MUS-320-20, Women and Music (SP15)

PED-129-20, Racquetball (SP15)

PED-190-20, Top: Winter Fitness Walking (SP15)

PED-301-20, Amer Women in Sports History (SP15)

PHL-330-20, Ethics (SP15)

PHY-155-20, Introduction to Astronomy (SP15)

RST-304-20, Christian Social Ethics (SP15)

RST-307-20, Trinity: Images of God (SP15)

RST-445-20, Islam Perspective/Peace & Conflict (SP15)

SOC-222-90, Social Problems (SP15)

SPE-326-20, Special Education for the Classroom Teacher (SP15)

SPE-344-20, Assessment in Special Education (SP15)