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Course Outlines

FALL 2015

ART-412-20, Explorations in American Painting (FA15)

BUS-334-20, Teamwork and Negotiation (FA15)

BUS-411-20, Top: Intro/US Healthcare System (FA15)

BUS-432-20, Advanced Business Policy (FA15)

COM-106-20, Fund Oral Communication (FA15)

COM-430-20, Strategic Communication (FA15)

CRM-315-20, Victims of Crime (FA15)

CST-130-20, Intro to Microcomputer Applications (FA15)

CST-261-90, Web Page Design (FA15)

CST-295-20, C++ Object-Oriented Program (FA15)

CST-421-90, Database Concepts (FA15)

ECO-402-20, Money and Banking (FA15)

EDU-300-20, Top: Tech for Instruc & Mgmt (FA15)

EDU-301-20, Educational Psychology (FA15)

EDU-303-20, Elem School Reading Materials (FA15)

EDU-310-20, Math in Elem School (FA15)

EDU-357-20, Proc & Acquisition of Reading (FA15)

ENG-321-20, Voices Dissent & Affirmation (FA15)

HIS-355-20, Women & Work: Amer Exp (FA15)

LLT-358-20, Roman Thought and Culture (FA15)

MUS-132-20, Beginning Class Piano (FA15)

MUS-314-20, Music in the U.S. (FA15)

PED-129-20, Racquetball (FA15)

PED-150-20, Walking for Fitness (FA15)

PED-231-20, Theory of Phys Fit & Wellness (FA15)

PHL-330-20, Ethics (FA15)

PHY-111-20, College Physics (FA15)

PHY-132-20, Environmental Science (FA15)

PSY-209-20, Social Psychology (FA15)

RST-201-20, Intro to Biblical Studies (FA15)

RST-312-20, Sin and Grace (FA15)

RST-401-20, Top: Religion: Buddhism (FA15)

RST-401-21, Top: Spirit of Christian Life (FA15)

RST-409-20, Death & Dying (FA15)

RST-421-20, Christian Worship (FA15)

SPE-321-20, Meth Teaching Stu Special Nds (FA15)

SPE-421-20, Elem Curric Design/Adaptation (FA15)