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Course Outlines

ART-119 Introduction to Photography

ART-411 Explorations in Western Art: The Handmade Book

COM-106 Fundamentals of Oral Communication

COM-313 Digital Media Skills

COM-325 Film Themes (By Topic)

COM-430 Strategic Communications

CST-130 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications

CST-261 Web Page Design

CST-355 Project Management

CST-489 Computer Studies Seminar

EDU-252 Clinical Field Experience in the Elementary School

EDU-253 Clinical Field Experience: ESOL

EDU-373 Clinical Field Experience in Education

EDU-376 Clinical Field Experience in Secondary Education

EDU-300 Technology for Instruction and Management

EDU-301 Educational Psychology ONLINE

EDU-303 Topics: Elementary School Reading Materials (A web assisted course)

EDU-309 Instruction in Reading

EDU-310 Mathematics in the Elementary School

EDU-315 Curriculum and Methods in Early Childhood Education

EDU-344 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Secondary School Content Areas I

EDU-357 Processes and Acquisition of Reading

EDU-360 Techniques in Teaching Reading and Writing to Students with Limited English Proficiency

EDU-451 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas II

EDU-460 Assessment of Reading

MUS-132 Beginning Class Piano

MUS-314 Music in the United States

MUS-320 Women and Music

MUS-360 Music and Social Issues: Mutual Impact

PED-129 Racquetball

PED-150 Special Topics: Walking for Fitness

PED-231 Theory of Physical Fitness and Wellness

PED-301 American Women in Sports History

RST-201 Introduction to Biblical Studies Online Version

RST-201 Introduction to Biblical Studies

RST-303 Christian Ethics

RST-304 Christian Social Ethics

RST-306 Christian Bioethics

RST-341 Theology of the Human Body

RST-345 Justice and Peace

RST-347 Introduction to Spirituality

RST-432 Faith Development of Children and Adolescents

SPE-321 Methods of Teaching Students with Special Needs

SPE-326 Special Education for the Classroom Teacher

SPE-337 Communication Skills for the School-based Professional

SPE-344 Assessment of Special Needs Populations

SPE-421 Elementary Curriculum Design and Adaptation