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ART-241-01, Watercolor Painting: Landscapes (SU14)

ART-411-20, Expl W/Art: Medieval Architec (SU14)

BUS-411-90, Top/Bus: Lateral Leadership (SU14)

COM-313-20, Digital Media Skills (SU14)

COM-325-20, Film Themes: Horror (SU14)

CST-130-90, Intro to Microcomputer Applications (SU14)

EDU-309-20, Instruction in Reading (SU14)

EDU-491-21, Top: Tech for Instruc & Mgmt (SU14)

LSP-101-20, Beginning Spanish I, (SU14)

FALL 2014

ART-119-90, Introduction to Photography (FA14)

ART-142-20, Painting I (FA14)

ART-226-20, Two Dim Media & Tech/Elem&Sec (FA14)

ART-411-20, ExplW/Art: Greeks & Roman Arch (FA14)

BIO-201-20/BIO-201L-20, Human Anatomy & Physiology I (FA14)

COM-106-20, Fund Oral Communication (FA14)

COM-430-20, Strategic Communication (FA14)

CST-130-20, Intro to Microcomputer Applications (FA14)

EDU-491-21, Top: Proc & Acquis of Reading (FA14)

ENG-201-20, Techniques in Writing Verse (FA14)

HIS-319-20, The American Presidency (FA14)

LCL-333-20, Medical Terminology (FA14)

LSP-101-20, Beginning Spanish I (FA14)

MUS-314-20, Music in the U.S. (FA14)

RST-201-20, Intro to Biblical Studies (FA14)

RST-311-20, World Religions (FA14)

RST-331-20, Comparative Religious Ethics (FA14)

RST-401-20, Top: Holocaust & Jewish Law (FA14)

SOC-209-90, Race, Class & Gender (FA14)

SPE-321-20, Meth Teaching Stu Special Nds (FA14)