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BUS-360 Business Research


Introduces students to basic research methods that enable them to define the research problem, develop the research plan, collect, evaluate and organize relevant information, develop findings and conclusions and recommend a preferred course of action supported by analysis. Students will learn core primary research concepts such as how to design and implement mail, telephone and electronic surveys, and how to run a focus group.  [3 credits]


  1. Describe the basic principles of business research and how organizations successfully use primary and secondary research in making business decisions.
  2. Apply business research methods by completing a research project. Specifically, students will prepare a research proposal which will include the research question, secondary research, data collection design, sampling design, survey instrument development and testing.
  3. Improve and refine analytical, planning, time management, and critical thinking skills.
  4. Practice and improve communication and team building skills.


  1. Quizzes: 50%. The quizzes will be based on individual response (60%) and group response (40%) using the RAT process.  The student must achieve a score of 70% to participate in the RAT process.
  2. Final project: 50%. The final project will be a research project that would be appropriate for a typical but hypothetical company.  The project will include writing a research proposal, identifying the target group to be surveyed, developing the survey and reporting on the proposal to the class.  Student teams of three members will conduct the project.


Access the bookstore website at www.ndm.bncollege.com  for textbook information.


  • Assignments and/or chapter(s) being discussed on the first day of class are indicated in the course syllabus found on the Joule course site and require reading/completion prior to coming to class.