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BUS-412-20, Auditing

INSTRUCTOR: Albert Hannan

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: SEM/Tuesday/6:00 - 8:45 PM, September 4, 11, 25; October 2, 16, 23; November 6, 13, 27; December 4. Exam: December 11


To introduce students to the fundamental principles of auditing. Theory, technique, and routine procedures will be emphasized in realistic audit situations.


-Principles of Auditing, Whittington and Pany, edition TBA

-Microsoft Excel for Accounting: Auditing and Accounting

-Information Systems, Smith, (2003) ISBN # 0-13-008552-9          


Grades will be based upon announced quizzes, a final exam, Excel computer assignments, a research project, and participation in class discussion weighed as follows:

40%-Announced quizzes

30%-Mid-term exam

15%-Excel Computer Assignments

10%-Research paper on major corporate fraud

5%-Class participation in the review of homework assignments and discussion of class topics.

Grades will be based upon the following scale:

A  -  93-100                 C+  - 76-80                     F  - 60 or below

B+-  86-92                  C    - 70-75

B   - 81-85                   D    - 61-69


Due to the comprehensive nature of this course, students are required to keep their absences to a minimum.

“ It is the policy of the Business Department that any student who misses more than 20% of a class, CANNOT pass that class regardless of the other work done. “                                                                                     

Date, Week of; Topics to be Covered; Chapter to be read before class 

9/4; “The Role of the Auditor in the American Economy”; Chapter 1                                   

9/4; “Professional Standards”; Chapter 2

9/11; Quiz on Chapters ½, “Professional Ethics”; Chapter 3

9/11; “Legal Liability of CPAs”; Chapter 4

9/25; Quiz on Chapters ¾, “Audit Evidence and Documentation”; Chapter 5

10/2; Quiz on Chapter 5, “Planning the Audit”; Chapter 6

10/16; Quiz on Chapter 6, “Internal Control”; Chapter 7                              

10/23; Quiz on Chapters 7, “Cash and Financial Investments”; Chapter 10

11/6; Quiz on Chapter 10, “Auditors’ Reports”; Chapter 17

11/13; Quiz on Chapter 17, “Additional Assurance Services: Historical…; Chapter 19

11/27; Quiz on Chapters 19, “Internal, Operational, and Compliance Auditing”; Chapter 21         

12/4; Quiz on Chapter 21, Presentation of Research Papers, Submission of final Excel audit work papers

12/11; FINAL EXAM Cumulative