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BUS-416 Managing Financial Resources


The course provides students with an overview of the accounting and financial tools necessary for managers.  It addresses the development and analysis of basic financial statements, the development of budgets (both operating and capital), and other techniques of financial analysis for management decision making.  Prerequisite: general education mathematics requirement.  Business majors may not take this course; students who have taken BUS-261 may not take this course.  [3 credits]


  1. Demonstrate understanding of financial statements by producing a balance sheet and income statement using common financial accounts.
  2. Evaluate companies’ financial health for signs of concern with liquidity, capital, efficiency, or performance issues using ratio and cash flow analysis, through a comparison of two companies chosen by each student.
  3. Demonstrate learning of managerial accounting concept of budgeting (through testing).
  4. Demonstrate learning of managerial accounting concept of cost / volume / profit relationships through calculating breakeven
  5. Time Value of Money: Interpret, Calculate, and evaluate the returns on alternative investments given descriptive investment language and using learned mathematical formulas for Present Value and Future Value.
  6. Capital Budgeting: Apply the concepts of Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to make capital budgeting decisions.


  1. Four quizzes                          
  2. Final Exam                              
  3. Homework                               
  4. Class Participation


Access the bookstore website at www.ndm.bncollege.com  for textbook information.


  • Read the first two chapters of the textbook prior to the first class
  • Recommended reading includes the Wall Street Journal
  • Student participation is strongly encouraged
  • Missing three or more classes will result in a failing grade regardless of tests and homework scores.

The course is Web-enhanced: all homework assignments will be posted on Joule and submitted through Joule.  Quizzes may be assigned and submitted through Joule.  Readings assigned (other than the textbook) will be posted on Joule.