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COM-106-20, Fund Oral Communication (FA15)

INSTRUCTOR: Katherine Sewell, Home Phone- 410-242-2547, E-mail kfsewell@verizon.net, Office Hours by appointment before or after class

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: Semester/Saturday/8:30-11:15 AM, 08/29/2015-12/12/2015             


Understanding Human Communication Eighth or Later Edition by R.A. Adler & G. Rodman


Fundamentals of Oral Communication is an introductory course to the field of speech communication for non-majors. It is a survey course that explores intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication, small group communication and public communication. Students will analyze the factors that affect oral communication and through class activities achieve effective means of communication which can be used to enhance both their professional and private lives.


-A student who successfully completes COM 106 will know the concepts and skills essential for the effective communicator.    

-The student will be able to identify the functions and meanings of nonverbal and verbal communication.

-The student will acquire skills needed for effective listening and speaking.

-The student will be able to demonstrate the ability to participate effectively in group interactions and presentations.

-The student will be able to apply self-awareness techniques and perception methods in order to obtain crucial communication skills.


Attendance is required for all classes unless an illness or an unavoidable emergency occurs. If absent during a day of one’s own presentation, a grade of zero will be given unless the student has notified the instructor of the emergency within 24 hours of the missed class. In that case, the presentation will be given during another class time or outside class time.


All students will follow the honor code found in the college handbook. All students will affix the following statement on all papers and exams, “I will hereby affirm that I have neither given nor received help on this work,” and then place their signature beside or beneath the statement.


Students who are need of special accommodations because of a documented disability must submit the appropriate documentation to the Vice President for Student Development’s Office. Once approved, the plan will be developed.  It is the student’s responsibility to share the accommodation plan with the instructor prior to the due date for tests or other assignments.


Reflection Assignments-30 points; Special Occasion Speech-20 points; Mid-term Exam- 50 points; Informative Speech-50 points; Culture Shock Assignment-20 points; Group Presentation-30 points, Final Exam-100 points

Total points=300 Divide by 3


A93-100, B+88-92, B83-87, C+78-82, C70-77, D60-69, F/59 and below

Written and oral assignment requirements will be handed out in class and fully explained.