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COM-375-20, Event Planning (FA14)

 INSTRUCTOR: Alicia Crosby; Phone: 443-802-2984; Email: aliciajcrosby@gmail.com

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: Semester/Tuesdays/6pm-8:45pm, 09/02/2014-12/09/2014


-Planning an event requires skill, knowledge and patience, and working in the event industry requires excellent communication skills and a good business sense. The coordination and execution of events requires detail-oriented, problem-solving, creative thinkers. This course will introduce students to an overview of the basics of planning an event – including types of events, venue selection, catering, marketing & promotions, networking, budgeting, execution and evaluation. 

-Event planning is a good career option for those with strong organizational and communication skills. Businesses rely on successful events to encourage growth and promote enthusiasm throughout an industry in regards to their company; non-profit organizations rely on successful events to raise awareness and funds; and individuals rely on experienced planners to help create meaningful and memorable events – weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, graduation parties, etc.


-To learn about various types of events.

-To learn and understand the basics of event planning.

-To identify & prioritize event goals and objectives.

-To create a realistic timeline & budget for a case study event.


Please be prepared to actively participate in every class. You will need to take notes, ask questions, offer comments, and generally show your involvement.  Several short assignments will be given to help discuss certain topics. You will get full credit for completing the assignment on time and half credit if you turn it in late.


Details for each assignment will be given in class before they are due. Assignments will include readings and outside research (venues, catering, vendors, etc.).


Event Planning, 2nd edition, by Judy Allen (2009). ISBN 978-0-470-15574-5


Each student will have an opportunity to plan a case study event – from start to finish, including all the elements and steps discussed in class. Students are expected to research outside of class, making contact with a real venue, caterer, production company, etc. to plan a specific event of your choice (wedding, corporate, etc.). The final project will be due on December 9, and students are expected to make a brief presentation during the last class.