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CST-130-90, Intro to Microcomputer Applications (SU14)


SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: 05/30/2014-07/25/2014, Online

LOCATION: Main Campus (confirm location before the first day of class) Lecture and Lab. Course includes regular use of on-line information and forums (Joule)


Introduction to the microcomputer as a problem-solving tool. Techniques for using word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, database, presentations, and communication programs will be presented. Students will be required to understand the function and importance of operating systems, interfaces, and environments and demonstrate skill in the use of the microcomputer as applied to a broad range of applications. A final, independent project, selected by the student, will be required.


1. Develop an introductory level of competence, confidence and experience in the use of microcomputer application packages for word processing, spreadsheet, file processing, database, statistical analysis, graphics, and Internet communications through hands-on practice.

2. Discover the primary functions of major operating systems, and use the major operating system utilities.

3. Study the principles and requirements for protection of data assets that are created and/or processed on microcomputers.

4. Understand the processes required to use microcomputer program packages as problem-solving and decision-making tools.


Numerous Lab exercises

One Independent project

One Research abstract

One Case Study w/Debate

Group Discussions


Beskeen, Cram, Duffy, Friedrichsen, Reding, Microsoft Office 2010 Introductory, Course Technology, ISBN: 9780538747158

Memory stick and other location to store electronic files

This course requires heavy the use of Joule, Email, Internet, and Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access). These tools are available in the Notre Dame labs in Rice Hall. Students must be able to access Internet and email.