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CST-489 Computer Studies Seminar


Provides opportunities for majors to research and evaluate current social and ethical issues related to computing such as copyright laws, computer crime, personal rights, work environment and invasion of privacy.  Class is designed as a highly collaborative seminar and is the major capstone experience.  The course requires design and implementation of an extensive project.  Prerequisite: CST-295 and junior or senior status. [3 credits]


  1. Describe how technology can reinforce or modify our cultural values
  2. Illustrate how computers affect how we see the world and how we interact with each other
  3. Characterize how communities are helped or hindered by computers
  4. Depict role of computers in supporting or hindering freedom, including use by the government and other institutions
  5. Demonstrate professional responsibilities in computer research
  6. Incorporate professionalism into a senior level computing project


  1. Research Paper - Five double-spaced typed pages plus title page and bibliography with at least three references from reliable computer journals and web resources
  2. Discussion - Students will participate in a weekly online discussion. Each student is required to: read chapter material, answer online questions, post a thoughtful question or comment online, and respond to at least two posted questions/comments, citing readings.          
  3. Computer project - Each student will create an original computer project for a non-profit organization. 


Access the bookstore website at www.ndm.bncollege.com  for textbook information.


  • Students must have Internet access, either from home or by using the college computer labs.
  • Students are expected to participate in online class discussion and activities.