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EDU-301 Educational Psychology ONLINE


This course examines stages of the cognitive, affective, and physical domains of student development.  Includes analysis and discussion of basic theories of learning and teaching and their applications to classroom situations including diversity and individual differences as factors influencing student learning (including socioeconomic diversity, cultural diversity and the needs of special education students, gifted and talented education, and English Language Learners), motivation, and classroom management. Assessment issues including formal and informal assessment, norm referenced and criterion referenced testing, and the implications of assessment measures (such as the Maryland Common Core Curriculum Standards) for learning and teaching are also examined.  The course includes student-centered approaches to learning (including service-learning activities).  Recommended prerequisite: PSY-203.  [3 credits]


  1. Compare and contrast various teaching models and theories of learning and teaching, and make applications of these to the classroom teaching
  2. Describe motivation strategies and steps in a lesson design
  3. Describe stages in cognitive, affective, social, moral, and cultural development, and explain the implication for teachers
  4. Discuss and evaluate strategies in teaching and assessment
  5. Prepare journals in reflective manner on personal behavioral change
  6. Discuss and evaluate strategies in classroom organization and behavior management
  7. Prepare professional presentation


  1. Tests (five open book online)                                                                                               
  2. Motivation Survey                                                                                        
  3. Behavioral Analysis and Primary Article Summaries                                 
  4. Summary of three articles                                                     
  5. Personal Learning Styles Reflective Paper (three pages)                                        
  6. Educational Philosophy Statement                                                               
  7. Journals (seven)                                                                    
  8. Presentation/Materials/Discussion                                                               
  9. Attendance and Participation


Access the bookstore website at www.ndm.bncollege.com  for textbook information.


  • This course is web-based and hosted by Joule.  Internet access is required.
  • Complete the “Welcome to Course (Start Here - Course Introduction) – available two weeks prior to the start of the course.
  • A Chalk and Wire e-portfolio account is required for all students enrolled in SoE programs.