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EDU-309-20, Instruction in Reading (SU14)

 INSTRUCTOR: Patricia Angelini, E-MAIL:pangelini@ndm.edu

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: Special/Monday/Wednesday/6:00-9:00PM, 06/25/2014-07/21/2014


The participants will explore current research findings related to integrated language arts instruction; effective formative and summative assessments; strategies and methods to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills; and effective lesson planning. This course is web-enhanced.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

-Discuss the importance of a solid language base as the foundation for a successful literacy experience.

-Identify key elements of a beginning reading program and skills needed for later reading success.

-Identify techniques for teaching word recognition and meaning and for facilitating ongoing vocabulary development.

-Demonstrate the understanding of comprehension.

-Demonstrate knowledge of writing as a process and strategies for enabling students to develop and refine writing skills.

-Identify ways of integrating technology and the language arts across the curriculum.

-Identify cognitive and metacognitive strategies that will provide success for diverse learners.


A combination of lecture, cooperative learning, small group discussion, and demonstration will be employed.


The students are required to:

-Attend class. Absences or consistent lateness will lower the grade.

-Read assigned texts/materials and prepare discussion questions.

-Participate in class discussions and activities.

 -Complete three projects.

-Grades will be based on class attendance, active and appropriate participation, and completion and quality of assignments.

-Final Grade: Attendance and participation 10%, Project #1 30%,  Project #2 30%, Project #3 30%.