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GEO-206-01, Geography Maj Reg World (SU14)

INSTRUCTOR: I. Pfoertsch; EMAIL: IPfoertsch@ndm.edu; PHONE: (443) 622–5276

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: T1/Monday, Mon. June 2, 9, 16, 23 & Wednesday, June 4, 11, 18, 25, 2014/3 - 4:15 pm


-This course on World Regional Geography is designed to introduce you to the major regions of the world. We will consider each region in a systematic manner and will use methods of presentation and analysis that will include lecture, discussion, video clips, paper and presentation, map packages, and examinations.

-The various course activities are designed to present to you both the physical and cultural geography of each major region. In addition, we will constantly be considering how each of the regions under consideration interacts with other regions of the world. This is a good basic course for the study of international affairs, history, advanced geography, political science, education, and other subjects.


Each student is expected to complete the following requirements:

1. Two (2) online examination and one (1) in-class final.

2. One short 5 - page paper and 5 min presentation.

3. Map packages: assortment of maps on which you need to find certain points of interest.

4. This is a web-assisted course, you need to download material from the web, view videos online, and complete 2 online quizzes


Because of the structure of this course, it is important not to miss any classes, and to keep up with your video clips and lessons. If you follow the schedule and put some effort in it, you will be pleased with the results. As with every course, the value of your experience in this course depends on your attitude and effort.


* Notes downloaded from Joule

*The Nystrom World Atlas, 2010.

*Geographic Place Names of World Regions by James DiLisio, 5th Edition, 2007


Newspaper, world news.