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GEO-206-90, Geography Maj Reg World (SP15)

INSTRUCTOR: I. Pfoertsch, EMAIL: IPfoertsch@ndm.edu, PHONE: (443) 622 – 5276

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: Online, 01/26/2015-05/15/2015


This is an online course. You will need a computer and broadband internet-access on which you can view video clips at Learner.org.

This course on World Regional Geography is designed to introduce you to the major regions of the world. The various course activities are designed to present to you both the physical and cultural geography of each major region. In addition, we will constantly be considering how each of the regions under consideration interacts with other regions of the world. This is a good basic course for the study of international affairs, history, advanced geography, political science, teaching, and other subjects.

Because of the structure of this course, it is important not to miss any online sessions, and to keep up with your lessons. If you follow the schedule and put some effort in it, you will be pleased with the results. As with every course, the value of your experience in this course depends on your attitude and effort.


Each student is expected to complete the following requirements:

1. Twenty-seven (27) online examinations.

2. One 5 - page paper .

3. Twenty-seven (27) online discussion questions.


Online participation is required.


* Notes downloaded from Joule