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LCL-333-20, Medical Terminology (FA15)

INSTRUCTOR: Marianne Demsky. mdemsky@ndm.edu

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: Semester/Saturday/08:30-11:15 AM, 09/05/2015-12/12/2015


This Medical Terminology three credit course will instruct the student on the identification of the four common word elements (prefix, suffix, root word, and combining vowel) in a medical word in order to understand the medical term as a whole entity. This course will facilitate the understanding of the Latin and Greek language basis of medical terminology. The student will come to recognize the importance of proper spelling and pronunciation of individual medical terms. This course will relate appropriate abbreviations and vocabulary to the individual body systems in order to increase the awareness of the medical usage. This course will assist the student in increasing their perception and appreciation of the medical language as a whole. 


Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Interpret the meanings of a medical term by breaking down the word in to its common word elements of prefix, suffix, root word and combining vowel.
  • Understand the differences between the body’s Latin and Greek derivatives.
  • Explain the meanings of medical abbreviations.
  • Explain the meaning of abbreviations as related to a body system.
  • Relate Latin and Greek numbers and colors as related to the body’s anatomy and diseases.
  • Pronounce medical terms based on phonetic respelling.
  • Utilize medical terms in their appropriate context.
  • Construct medical terms by combining the necessary word elements.
  • Recall specific medical terms based on definition.


50% 8 tests

10% Oral Presentation on a specific body system (must complete in order to pass class)

10% 2-3 page paper on a specific body system

10% Homework/class participation

20% Comprehensive final exam


-Medical Terminology An Illustrated Guide 7th Edition, By: Barbara Janson Cohen. Publisher: Wolters, Kluwer, Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. ISBN: 978-1-4511-8756-4

-A medical dictionary would be recommended but not essential for the course. I bring at least 2 dictionaries to class. My preferences are Stedman’s or Mosby’s. Check them out in class before purchasing. 


Chapter being discussed on the first day as indicated in Joule.