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PHL-330-20, Ethics (FA15)

INSTRUCTOR: Professor S. Vicchio

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: T2/Saturday/8:30 – 11:15 AM, 10/24/2015-12/12/2015


In this course, we will analyze and discuss historical and Contemporary moral theories on Moral Goodness and Moral Responsibility, and then apply them to selected issues in Contemporary culture. Among these issues are Abortion, Capital Punishment; Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide; and others.


1. Regular attendance and participation. (10% of final grade.)

2. Six in-class examinations. Given at the beginning of classes two through seven. (Each worth 13% of final grade.)

3. One Moral Dilemma Paper. (4 to six pages.) Each worth 13% of final grade.


Grades will be computed using the following scale:

90 to 100-A; 87 to 89-B+; 80 to 86-B; 77 to 79-C+; 70 to 76-C; 60 to 69-D; 59 or less-F


Andrew Oldenquist, Moral Philosophy: Text and Readings. (Prospect Heights: Waveland Press, 1978.)

There will also be handouts regularly distributed by the Instructor in class.


*October 24: Nature of Moral Goodness. Read: Chapters three to six of Oldenquist. Handouts in class.

*October 31st: Nature of Moral Responsibility. Read: Selections from Kant and Mill. Pp. 195-273 of text. Handouts in class.

*November 7th: Capital Punishment. First Hourly Examination. Read: Chapter seven of text.

*November 14th: Abortion. Read: Essays distributed in class. Second Hourly Examination.

*November 21st: Euthanasia. Read: Essays distributed in class. Third Hourly Examination. Morally Dilemma Paper Due.

*November 28th: Assisted Suicide. Read: Essays distributed in class. Fourth Hourly Examination.

*December 6th: Fifth Hourly Examination