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SPE-321 Methods of Teaching Students with Special Needs


The focus of this course is the development of teaching strategies which will enable the special educator to effectively facilitate learning for students with disabilities.  Course content will include specialized teaching strategies, methods of instructional delivery, the adaptation of instructional materials, and techniques for measuring student progress.  Legal matters, as well as current trends and issues in special education will also be explored.


  1. Use strategies to facilitate integration of students with disabilities into various settings.
  2. Teach individuals to use self-assessment, problem solving, and other cognitive strategies to meet their needs.
  3. Select, adapt, and use instructional strategies and materials according to characteristics of the individual with exceptional needs.
  4. Use strategies to facilitate maintenance and generalization of skills across learning environments.
  5. Use procedures to increase the individual’s self-awareness, self-management, self-control, self-reliance, and self-esteem.  
  6. Use strategies that promote successful transitions for individuals with exceptional learning needs.  
  7. Identify the demands of learning environments.
  8. Discuss basic classroom management theories and strategies for individuals with exceptional learning needs.
  9. Manage teaching and learning.
  10. Identify social skills needed for educational and other environments.
  11. Create safe, equitable, positive, and supportive learning environments in which diversities are valued.  
  12. Design learning environments that encourages active participation in individual and group activities. 
  13. Use performance data and information from all stakeholders to make or suggest modifications in the learning environment. 
  14. Establish and maintain rapport with individuals with and without exceptional learning needs. 


  1. Class participation and attendance
  2. Homework assignments
  3. Group PPT presentation
  4. Behavior management plan
  5. Differentiation lesson plan
  6. Effects on student learning lesson plan


Access the bookstore website at www.ndm.bncollege.com  for textbook information.


  • This course does not require any assignments prior to the first class.
  • Attendance at all class meetings is expected.