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SPE-326-20, Special Education for the Classroom Teacher (SP15)

INSTRUCTOR: Monique C. Yates

SCHEDULE/DAY/TIME: Semester/Thursday/6:00– 8:20 PM, 01/29/2015-04/23/2015


The course will provide an essential knowledge base in special education required for all elementary and secondary teachers in the state of Maryland in order to provide an appropriate education to students with disabilities.  The legal requirements for programming for students with disabilities, responsibilities of educators, and models of service delivery will be discussed.  Disability definitions and the characteristics of students with various educational disabilities will be presented and explored.  Accommodations and modifications that support students in inclusive settings will also be addressed.


  • Models, theories and philosophies that form the basis of special education practice
  • The legal requirements related to the educational programming for students with disabilities
  • The relationship between special education and the organization and functioning of educational agencies
  • The characteristics of students with various disabilities
  • Issues related to the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education settings
  • Curricular adaptations and modifications which enable students with disabilities to learn essential content in general education settings
  • Basic elements of alternative instructional approaches for addressing the needs of students with disabilities
  • The role of the general and special educator in various programming models used to provide instruction and to support students with disabilities in educational settings
  • The role of the parent in the special education process
  • The needs of students with disabilities who have culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


Students will engage in both teacher and peer-directed instruction using various large and small group formats.  Presentations, video clips, reflection and written assignments will also be used.


1. Text assignments

2. Article review                                                                    

3. Personal Philosophy of Special Education                       

4. Presentation of Special Topic in Special Education        

5. Case Study Analysis          


If you are unable to attend a winterim class session, please do not register for this course.


The Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Effective Instruction  (2010), Fifth edition

Margo Mastropieri and Thomas Scruggs