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Fearless Notre Dame Students

Our archive of past Fearless Notre Dame students that are going to transform the world!

Claire Amatucci '14

Major: Communication Arts

  • Future ambition: To work in the entertainment industry, working behind the scenes doing anything from editing to social media.

  • Favorite movie: I have so many favorite films, but I have to say one of my favorites of all time is 500 Days of Summer.

  • Current favorite song: "Settle Down" by The 1975. I'm OBSESSED with that band at the moment. They calm me down. (As well as anything One Direction)

  • If I could be anywhere right now, I would be: Sitting in an London apartment watching football aka soccer with Niall Horan

  • What makes me a Fearless Notre Dame Woman? Notre Dame has made me fearless by teaching me to embrace my uniqueness and by accepting that, I feel I am becoming a strong, confident women that CAN achieve anything.


Shannon Stephens, Class of 2016

Major: Criminology/English

  • Future ambition: I want to work in law enforcement and write novels on the side.​

  • Favorite book character: I'd have to choose Lord Elrond from Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. No one listens to him, even when he's right about something.

  • What makes me a Fearless Notre Dame Woman? All the wonderful friends I've made since my first year at Notre Dame. They've brought out the best in me, they're my second family and they make me a fearless Notre Dame woman.

Amber Brehon '14

Amber Brehon '14

Major: International Studies; Concentration: International Relations; Minor: English Literature

  • Future Ambition: To become a contracts lawyer and distinguish myself as a legal and geopolitical theorist/scientist.

  • Current favorite song: “You Put A Spell On Me” – Devil Doll

  • Favorite book character: I’m unsure; there are so many great written works. If I had to choose I would say BOTCHAN in the piece “Botchan” by Natsume Sōseki.

  • What makes me a fearless Notre Dame Woman?: The NDMU community invested in me; the community demonstrated for me the many positive possibilities of sticking with my moral compass. I have a humanitarian obligation to continue learning, to be open-minded and to be critical and analytical. NMDU helped me see that I would only be capable of changing the world for the better if I was brave and daring enough to always work towards that end. 


Elena Wengert, Class of 2016

Major: Psychology 

  • Future ambition: Traveling the world while also doing something I love at the same time.

  • Favorite music: I could go on and on ... but I'm a Blink 182, Good Charlotte, twenty one pilots girl.

  • 5 things I would bring on a deserted island: My iPhone for the music, the awesome dolphin Build-a-Bear I made at WinterFest, my Mom, my Dad and my brother ... can I add my cat, Salem? Who will feed him?!

  • What makes me a Fearless Notre Dame Woman? My inability to let my fears and anxieties control my life.

Dimetria Jenkins is a Fearless Notre Dame Woman

Dimetria Jenkins '14

Major: Accounting/Business and Management

  • Future ambition: To work in the financial services industry and hopefully one day on Wall Street

  • Current favorite song: Anything Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, or Michael Jackson. Non JT, Bey, or MJ related, it would be "Classic" by MKTO and "Successful" by Drake.

  • Where I would like to be right now: In New Orleans at the Superdome watching the Saints play with my boyfriend, Zoe Saldana, and Justin Timberlake

  • Favorite book character: Katniss Everdeen. Against all odds, she persevered to not only win the Hunger Games, but rebel against the Capitol.

  • What makes me a Fearless Notre Dame Woman? I now know that I have the potential to be extremely successful, and I'm no longer afraid to try for anything that I want in life. I feel empowered to ”hang with the big boys” and hold my own, whether it is discussing business or football.