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Disbursement of Funds

Your financial aid disburses to your account after the semester has started. All your aid disburses directly to your Notre Dame student account to pay all charges on the account first. If there is a credit balance on your account after disbursement, the excess will be refunded. Please contact the Business Office about the refund procedure.

2014–15 Disbursement dates

Listed below are the tentative disbursement dates for the summer 2014, fall 2014, and spring 2015 semesters. Please keep in mind that the dates listed are the earliest possible dates the funds will be released to the business office. It is not guaranteed that the financial aid will arrive on the exact date. In order for any student to be eligible for loan funds, he/she must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits for all students except Pharmacy students - 5 credits) at both census and at the time the loan funds are disbursed to the business office. For students whose classes are staggered, loan funds will not be released until you have reached half-time enrollment (6 credits or more for undergraduate and graduate students, 5 credits or more for Pharmacy students). For example, an adult undergraduate student who is signed up for two summer classes; the first three-credit class begins 6/2/14 and the second three-credit class begins 7/12/14. The schedule below states the money will disburse on 7/1/14. However, for this particular student the loan funds will be disbursed after July 12th, the date when the student is considered to be enrolled as a half-time student. 

State funding doesn't have a specific date for disbursement listed, because the Maryland Office of Student Financial Assistance must verify enrollment before the funds are released to the University. The verification of enrollment begins after the census date and is done throughout the semester.

Scholarships, grants or loans from external sources will be posted as the funds are received by Notre Dame.

Funds are posted weekly throughout the semester.

SemesterFederal AidState AidInstitutional Aid
Women's College
Summer 7/1/14 N/A N/A
Fall 9/1/14 Late September 9/1/14
Spring 1/26/15 Late February 1/26/15
College of Adult Undergraduate Studies (CAUS)
Summer 7/1/14 N/A N/A
Fall 9/3/14 Late September 9/3/14
Spring 1/26/15 Late February 1/26/15
Graduate School
Summer 7/1/14 N/A N/A
Fall 9/3/14 Late September 9/3/14
Spring 1/26/15 Late February 1/26/15
GEI Program      
Summer 8/14/14 N/A N/A
Fall 9/18/14 Late September N/A
Spring 1/8/15 Late February N/A
School of Pharmacy
P1/P2/P3 Fall 8/25/14 Late September N/A
P1/P2/P3 Spring 1/14/15 Late February N/A
P4 Summer 7/1/14  TBA N/A
P4 Fall 7/28/14 Late September N/A
P4 Spring 1/12/15 Late February N/A