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IRS Tax Transcript FAQs

Guidance from the Department of Education and the IRS suggests that if you file your 2013 taxes electronically and have any owed taxes paid in full at the time of submission or are due a refund, IRS Tax Return Transcripts will be available 2 - 4 weeks after your return has been processed.

If you filed electronically, but do not pay in full any taxes due, your tax return will not be processed until May 2014 and you may request your IRS Tax Return Transcript 2 - 3 weeks after that point.

Those that file a paper return will unfortunately need to wait even longer to make the request for their tax return transcript. If you expect a refund or owe no additional taxes, you can request your transcript 8 - 11 weeks after your tax return has been submitted and received. If you owe any amount, even if it is paid in full at the time your return is submitted, your tax return will not be processed until June 2014 and you will not be able to request your transcript until 2 - 3 weeks after that point.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will Notre Dame run out of financial aid funds if my tax return transcript isn't turned in by a certain date? Back to Top

While the priority deadline for submitting the tax return transcript (and any missing paperwork) is April 1, forms could be submitted as late as the deadline for the semester in which you want aid). Some funding sources are limited so the sooner it is submitted the better. Federal Pell Grant and Direct Loans are always available. Merit-based scholarships do not depend on verification paperwork.


The IRS won't process my transcript until June because I owe taxes; will this negatively affect my aid package? Back to Top

In most cases as long as you get the tax return transcript in as soon as you are able to access it in June, it is not likely to negatively impact your student’s aid package. Also see FAQ directly above this one.


Can you accept a copy of my federal tax return? Back to Top

No. Federal regulations require a copy of the federal tax return transcript (or successful use of the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA).


Can I appeal turning in the transcript? Back to Top

No. There is no appeal process.


What if I will file a Form 4868 Tax Extension? Back to Top

Submit a copy of your Form 4868 Tax Extension that you filed with the IRS. Include copies of W-2’s from every source of employment. If self-employed, submit a signed statement certifying the amounts expected for your 2013 adjusted gross income and U.S. income tax. 


I am having difficulty ordering a transcript because my address changed. What should I do? Back to Top

Per the IRS website, complete and send Form 4506-T and include any and all recent addresses.


I cannot seem to get the online request to work and I cannot seem to get the phone request to work. How can I order a federal tax transcript? Back to Top

If you are having difficulty with the online and phone ordering, we recommend completing Form 4506-T to submit a written request for the transcript.


Can you accept a copy of screen prints from my local IRS office? Os has the IRS stamp on it; is this acceptable? Back to Top

No. Federal regulations prohibit us from accepting screen prints. You must submit an IRS Tax Return Transcript. No exceptions.