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Welcome to the external scholarship page for Notre Dame of Maryland University. If you're visiting this page, chances are that you're interested in getting more money to help further finance your education here at Notre Dame.  External Scholarships are a great way to help with the bottom line of your tuition bill.  This page is filled with resources that will help you locate credible scholarships that you can apply for.  In addition to these resources, check any place you can think of to see if there might be a scholarship you can apply for.  Places to check are: your high school guidance office, your local rotary club, the church you attend, your employer, your senator and delegates, your bank, or anywhere you can think of.  Remember, the answer will always be "No" if you don't ask so check everywhere!

Please note: Students are responsible for reporting any outside scholarship money they win to the financial aid office. 
Please send a copy of your scholarship letter/notice you received to report outside scholarship money you have won.

The scholarships below are promoted by the Notre Dame Office of Financial Aid:
Scholarships for current High School Students
Scholarships for Undergraduate Students
Scholarships for Graduate Students
Scholarships for Nursing Students   
Scholarships for Pharmacy Students

I-Fund National Security Scholars Program (NSSP)

The National Security Scholars Program (NSSP) is sponsored by the Independent College Fund of Maryland (I-Fund). Representatives from I-Fund and its partners come to campus every year in September to explain how the application process works and to give students information on how to apply. 

Program Benefits:

  • $15,000 Scholarship Award 
  • Opportunity for a paid summer internship in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area
  • Assistance with processing towards a national security clearance
  • Unique opportunity to explore a future in the national security field and obtain employment leads with The I-Fund national security industry partners

Eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Career interest in the national security field
  • Student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Must attend an I-Fund member college as a full time undergraduate student
  • Minimum 24 credit hours at time of application 
  • See website for list of preferred majors
  • Summer internship obligation if offered (Internship is contingent upon successful completion of a national security clearance by May 31.)
  • Candidates must be available for an in-person interview on two days in early November
  • Completion/timely submission of I-Fund NSSP application 

Details are available at www.paymyway.org
This is an exclusive scholars program - the only one of its kind in the country and only available to students attending I-Fund member colleges.

Below are some great links to some credible scholarships searches.

Central Scholarship - Maryland Residents Only

Fast Web   

Scholarship Experts  

USA Funds


CampusRN has launched a new scholarship program in conjunction with the creation of the CampusRN state edition network. This nationwide scholarship program is the most comprehensive of its kind for nursing programs and nursing students because it features scholarship winners from six different regions across the country in which CampusRN has launched state edition sites. CampusRN will award six $2500 scholarships to a needy and deserving nursing student in each region.

CampusRN provides students with access to a vast database of other scholarship and grants, a customized career center for their state and a national Web site to begin the career exploration process if students are interested in relocating after graduation. Therefore, even if an applicant doesn’t win their state scholarship, CampusRN proves to be a valuable resource for all nursing students!


Deadline to apply: April 1st
Maryland Nursing Scholarship    
Apply for the CampusRN - Maryland Nursing Scholarship
Visit CampusRN to apply for the $2500.00 regional scholarship.

Nursing Jobs Maryland
Search Nursing Jobs and Healthcare Jobs
Visit CampusRN to search for thousands of jobs and scholarships.