St. Albans Society

The President’s Residence

Notre Dame of Maryland University has recently acquired our first-ever President’s Residence. For more than a century, NDMU has enjoyed the benefits of close location and good will of the Homeland neighborhood. With the acquisition of the home located at 100 St. Albans Way, our current and future presidents will have the pleasure of living in this special community.

During seven months of renovations, the house has been complemented by generous donations of elegant furnishing from close friends and alumnae of Notre Dame, notably through those who are members of the 100 St. Albans Society, which ensures that Notre Dame President’s Residence will be elegantly appointed, serve as a point of pride, and become the premier gathering space for our campus community and guests.

We are grateful for the generosity of the following charter benefactors who have made contributions at the following 100 St. Albans Society levels:

Heuisler Circle: $10,000 and Higher

  • Dorothy Gregoski Alban ’62 and James C. Alban III
  • Polly E. Behrens C’98 and Bruce Behrens
  • Cynthia Egan
  • Taylor and Gary Foss
  • Haswell and Madge Franklin
  • Joan Develin Coley and M. Lee Rice
  • Patricia J. Mitchell ’69
  • The Honorable Mary Louise Preis

Beecher Circle: $5,000

  • The Honorable Irene Keeley ’65 and Mr. John P. Keeley III
  • Anthony O’Brien and Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien
  • Estate of Dr. Mildred B. Otenasek ’36
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame Atlantic-Midwest Province

McCormick Circle: $2,500

  • Jane and Sam Mace 
  • Barbara and Jim Stevens

Maisel Circle: $1,000

  • Leonor and Marc P. Blum
  • Judith and Edward S. Civera
  • Catherine Roloson Counselman ’41 and Charles C. Counselman, Jr.
  • Edith McParland Donohue, Ph.D.’60
  • Donna Ringger Easton ’70 and John J. Easton Jr.
  • R. Gregory and Kathryn B. Freeland
  • Patricia M.C. Brown and Joseph P. Gill
  • Patricia A. Bosse ’81 and Frank A. Gunther III
  • Marion I. Knott
  • Sr. Frederick Mary Maisel, SSND ’68
  • Nancy Byrnes Martel ’58 and Thomas C. Martel
  • Beth and Bart Mitchell
  • James Mitchell
  • Missy Evans-Moreland ’84 and Richard T. Moreland
  • Henry and Dorothy Rosenberg
  • Mary Pat and Bob Seurkamp
  • Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
  • Eleanor Duke Storck ’48
  • Justin and Franny Vitrano ’53
  • Mary and Scott Wieler
  • Scott and Susan Wilfong

Wedgewood Circle: $500

  • Peggy Haskell Farnham ’92
  • Rosemary Garrett Hartley ’48 and James P. Hartley
  • Sheila Fahey Haskell ’59 and Donald F. Haskell
  • Patricia Mosellen Hillman ’69 and Donald Hillman
  • Barbara LaPorte Ipsaro ’78
  • Harvey and Jeanne Jones ’50
  • Neil Meltzer
  • Margaret Bagli Otenasek ’85
  • Helen Marikle Passano ’69 and E. Magruder Passano
  • Jennifer and George Reynolds III
  • Heidi Fletcher
  • Dorothy L. and Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
  • Nancy E. McColgan ’92 and Francis L. Wiegmann
  • Kimberly Mitchell Wolff

Friends of St. Albans

  • Abrecht Design
  • Adajian & Nelson
  • Barbara Lanza Wolf ’69
  • Brassworks Co., Inc.
  • Bunting Door & Hardware Co., Inc.
  • Calvert Mechanical, Inc.
  • Churchville Tile and Marble
  • Clive Daniel Home 
  • Concept Construction Corp.
  • Cornerstone Antiques
  • Deborah Phelps
  • DEL (Douglas Electric and Lighting)
  • Denise Koch
  • Dovetail Construction LLC
  • Global Facility Management & Construction
  • Kathleen Donnelly Solomon
  • Melville Thomas Architects, Inc.
  • Miles Maytag Home Appliance Center
  • RH Fewster Painting Co., Inc.
  • The Honorable Joseph Curran Jr.
  • The Lawn Crew
  • Thomey’s Floor Service, Inc.
  • United Building Services, Inc.
  • Whiting-Turner
  • Wire Right Audio, Video, and Electric, Inc.