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Ken Sossa

Headshot: Ken Sossa

Associate Professor - Biology

Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M.S. & Ph.D. in Neuroscience, 2007
Hampton University, B.S. in Molecular Biology, 1999

Professional Affiliations & Memberships
Association of Biology Laboratory Educators (ABLE)
Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE)
Society for Neuroscience

Research Interests
To understand how experience shapes the invertebrate nervous system.
To explain the molecular and physiological events that underlie neuronal plasticity.

Casimiro, T.M.; Sossa, K.G.; Uzunova, G; Beattie, J.B; Marsden, K. C.; Carroll, R.C., "mGluR and NMDAR activation internalize distinct populations of AMPARs." Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 2011 Oct; 48(2):161-70.

Gao, M; Sossa, K; Song, L; Errington, L; Cummings, L; Hwang, H; Kuhl, D; Worley, P; Lee, H.K., "A specific requirement of Arc/Arg3.1 for visual experience-induced homeostatic synaptic plasticity in mouse primary visual cortex." Journal of Neuroscience 2010 May; 30(21):7168-78

Sossa et al., "AMPAR exocytosis through NO modulation of PICK1." Neuropharmacology 2007 Jul; 53(1):92-100

Sossa et al., "NMDA receptors mediate calcium-dependent, bidirectional changes in dendritic PICK1 clustering." Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 2006 Mar; 31(3):574-85.

Typical Courses
Animal Physiology (BIO 431)
Special Topics in Biology: Neurobiology (BIO 411)
Unity & Diversity of Life (BIO 230)
Human Anatomy & Physiology II (BIO 202)