Henrietta Wiley

Associate Professor

Religious Studies Department Gibbons Hall (GIB) 405 410-532-5392

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School of Arts, Sciences & Business


  • Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible, Harvard University. 
  • M.A. Program, Biblical Studies, Pacific School of Religion.
  • B.A., Classical Greek, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Research Interests

  • Religion and Literature of Ancient Israel and the Ancient Near East, with particular emphasis on practice of ritual and religious experience
  • Cultural Exchange in the Biblical and Pre-Biblical Periods, with particular emphasis on sharing of religious ideas and practices
  • Ritual Theory
  • History of Biblical Interpretation

Publications in Print

  • “Sacrifice in the Bible,” in Oxford Bibliographies, Jewish Studies, forthcoming.
  • Judges, Volume 7 in the Bible Briefs Series, Forward Movement Publications and Virginia Theological Seminary, 2010.
  • “They Save Themselves Alone: Faith and Loss in the Stories of Abraham and Job” in Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Vol 34.2 (2009): 115-129.
  • “The War H?rem as Martial Ritual Service and Sacrifice,” in Proceedings: Eastern Great Lakes & Midwest Biblical Societies, 25 (2005): 69-76.
  • Review of The Priests in the Prophets: the Portrayal of Priests, Prophets and Other Religious Specialists in the Latter Prophets, edited by Lester L. Grabbe and Alice Ogden Bellis, in Review of Biblical Literature, December 2005.
  • Review of The Gods of the Nations: Studies in Ancient Near Eastern National Theology, by Daniel I. Block, in Review of Biblical Literature September 2003.

Publications in Progress

  • “Teaching as Anglicans in Various Contexts,” edited themed section in forthcoming issue of Teaching Theology and Religion.
  • “Gender Dynamics in the Study of Ritual Sacrifice,” journal article in progress.
  • Gather to My Feast: Divine Agency in Ancient Israelite Sacrifice, book manuscript in progress, requested for consioderation by Oxford University Press.
  • “Two Botched Battles and Deuteronomistic Ritual Logic,” journal article in progress.

Selected Papers Presented

  • “Two Botched Battles and Deuteronomistic Ritual Logic,” presentation at Annual International SBL Meetings, July 8, 2013, Saint Andrew’s, UK.
  • “The Reflexivity of Scripture and Bede’s Use of the Deuteronomistic History in His Ecclesiastical History of the English People,” International Meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature, London, United Kingdom, July 4, 2011.
  • “Presence and Presentation: Some Cylinder Seals from the Walter’s Ancient Near Eastern Collection,” Walter’s Art Museum, Baltimore, MD, Rita Lowenstein Memorial Docents’ Lecture, March 28, 2011.
  • “The Suffering Servant in the St. John’s Bible,” panel presentation at Loyola-Notre Dame Library, Balitmore, MD, October 28, 2010.

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Biblical Literature (Currently serving as Committee Chair Sacrifice Cult and Atonement Section)
  • Anglican of Association Biblical Scholars (Currently serving as President)


  • IDS 373 – Cosmos and Creation, an honors seminar that explores the relationship between religion and science as bodies of knowledge, modes of inquiry, and ways of knowing.  Morrissey Honors Program.
  • RST 201 – Introduction to Biblical Studies, an introduction to the exegesis of the Jewish and Christian biblical canons and the hermeneutical strategies of faith communities through history.  Women’s College and CAUS.
  • RST 315 – Old Testament, an introductory survey of the literature of the Hebrew Bible emphasizing literary and historical criticism.  Women’s College and CAUS.
  • RST 317 – New Testament, an introductory survey of the literature of the New Testament emphasizing literary and historical criticism.  Women’s College and CAUS.
  • RST 316 – Psalms, a mid-level survey of the book of Psalms and other biblical Poetry combining literary and historical methods with attention to the history of interpretation and lirturgical use of the the psalms.  Women’s College and CAUS.
  • RST 308 – Gender and Power in Genesis, an in depth course on the book of Genesis, with particular attention to its gender dynamics and to the development of feminist criticism of the book. Women’s College and CAUS.
  • RST 309 – Revelation and the Apocalyptic Imagination, an in depth course on the historical and literary context of ancient Jewish and Christian apocalyptic literature, especially the book of Revelation and the history of its interpretation.  Women’s College and CAUS.
  • RST 430 – Topics in Pauline Theology, an in depth course on the historical and cultural context of the apostle Paul and his letters, with particular emphasis Paul’s understanding of the body and its theological implications.  Women’s College and CAUS.
  • Study Tours: January 2014 - Turkey, January 2011 - Israel & Palestine
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