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Regina Russo Hammel ’41 Recent Graduate Award

In 1999, The Regina Hammel ’41 Outstanding Recent Graduate Award was created by Gary and Laura Hammel Dicovitsky in honor of Mrs. Dicovitsky’s mother.

The award honors a recent graduate, not more than 10 years ago, who has exhibited professional achievement and/or contributions to community life and who had demonstrated loyalty to the University.

2014 Award Winner - Lauren Ackerman '08

lauren and dr yamThe pages of Lauren’s passport must be nearly full by now. As a Women’s College student, she supplemented her international studies major with trips to Thailand and Mexico, an internship in Chile, and a Davis Projects for Peace venture in Guatemala.

As a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh—where she earned a master’s degree in Public and International Affairs with a major in Global Political Economy—Lauren traveled to Tokyo to research Japanese economic policy through the prestigious Japan Travel Program for U.S. Future Leaders Fellowship.

After graduation, Lauren was selected as a Presidential Management Fellow. She had the opportunity to completed rotations in the Office of Strategic Initiatives at the Federal Housing Finance Agency and in the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea. As of this month, Lauren has a permanent position as principal analyst at FHFA. Only time will tell where her career will take her next!


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2000:  Theresa Giardina Wiseman ’90 2008:  Veronique Gugliucciello ’98
2001:  Theresa O’Keefe Armiger ’90, M’98 2009:  Julie Kline Rybczynski ’99
2002:  Wendy Tribaldos – DePuy ’92 2010:  Christina Hood Gray ’00, M’01
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2006:  Roxanne Gladden Miller W’99 2014: Lauren Ackerman '08
  2015: Nicole Kotulak '09 Ph.D.