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Service to Society Award

In 1999, the Alumnae and Alumni Association established the Service to Society Award.

This award is presented to a graduate who best exemplifies the ideals of a Notre Dame education through the application of their education, initiative and humanity to socially useful ends in the community, nation or world. All graduates are eligible.

2014 Award Winners - Andrea Bowden'69, Ph.D. and Betty Contino W'89

andrea and dr yamAndrea Bowden'69, Ph.D.
Andrea’s efforts to encourage a love of science, math and technology in Baltimore’s young people have been transformational. Right after graduating in 1969, she began bringing inner-city high-school-age women to Notre Dame to study math, computer science, chemistry, microbiology, and biotechnology, as part of the SANDALS program (which stands for Summer at Notre Dame: Academic and Leadership Skills). She was clearly years ahead of the national focus on STEM initiatives!

For more than four decades, Andrea served as a science educator and central office administrator with the Baltimore City Public School System. She continues to work with young people at Digital Harbor High School, an innovative technology focused high school, where she is the founding assistant principal.

Andrea has received many well-deserved accolades and awards for her exceptional work and has served in a number of leadership roles on the state and national level. Just one example - in 1984, received a Presidental Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education in a ceremony at the White House!

betty and dr yam

Betty Contino W'89
Betty is a tireless advocate for Catholic and charitable causes. 

Among her many accomplishments, Betty was on the ground-floor team that developed Christopher Place Employment Academy,
a Catholic Charities program that helped homeless men become homeowners.

She has been a dedicated volunteer with organizations such as Catholic Charities, the Audubon Society, and Harford Hospice.

Individually and through the Contino Family Foundation, Betty has supported the United Way of Central Maryland, the Maryland Historical Society, and many other organizations.

She currently chairs the Women’s Education Alliance, which provides support services and scholarships to students at Catholic Community Schools that serve economically disadvantaged families.

Serving 6 years on the Board of Trustees, Betty has been a long time contributor to Notre Dame’s success.


1999:  Patricia Fosarelli ’73, M.D., Ph.D. 2007:  Mary Ellen Vanni ’69
2000:  Diana Mand ’69 2008:  Mary Ellen Dougherty, SSND ’58
           Kathleen Marie Engers, SSND ’47
2001:  Sue Ford Patrick ’67

2009:  Mary Gabriel Roeder, SSND ’59

2002:  Retta Blaney ’78 2010:  Christopher L. Benzing, M’05
            Virginia Bartlett Rugemer, C’91
2003:  Diane Roberts McGlinchey ’59 2011:  Susan Love, M.D. ’70
2004:  Carole Artigiani ’62 2012:  Judy Geilfuss Dobson ’62
2005:  Margaret M. Wintz ’45 2013: Margaret O'Connor Markovic '82
2006:  Susan Mueller Aumann ’83  2014: Andrea Bowden '69, Ph. D. 
          Betty Contino W'89
  2015: Susan Gardiner Larkin '65 Ph.D.