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Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Alumnae and Alumni Association.

The Board consists of no more than 25 members including a representative to the Board of Trustees, a student position, and the past president. Each position has a three-year term; all members attend Executive Board meetings three times a year, Alumnae and Alumni Leadership Orientation and Reunion Weekend.

The purpose of the Alumnae and Alumni Association is to promote, support and advance the welfare of the University through ways and means approved by the president of the University, and in stimulating a spirit of cooperation and loyalty among its members. The Association is a strong network of graduates who assist the University in broadening and sustaining memberships among the alumna and alumni.

President Lisa McMurtrie W'93  Lisa McMurtrie
Vice President Kristi Halford '01  Kristi Halford
 Amanda Idstein '97  Amanda Idstein
Past President Missy Evans-Moreland '84  
Board Representatives:    
Women's College
 Sallie Mullen '68  Sallie Mullen
Continuing Education
 Sandy Despeaux C'78  
CAUS Roxine Phillips W'96  Roxine Phillips
Graduate Studies Elizabeth Brescia M’12  Elizabeth Brescia
  Mary Roy Weiss, SSND  Sister Mary Roy Weiss
At Large
  Tess Meyer '13  Tess Meyer
    Victoria Meadows '15   
  Heather Stapf '09  
    Pamela Walters '01  
  Maureen Lalley '74  
  Diane Webbert '04  
Student Representatives:    
Vice President, SGA