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The Charles J. Busta III Lecture in Business 2012

Real Health Care Reform: What Will It Take?

Patricia M.C. Brown, Esq., President of Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC and Notre Dame trustee was the guest lecturer for the Charles J. Busta III Lecture in Business.

As an expert on health care issues, Ms. Brown shared her thoughts on leadership at this moment in history when the Supreme Court is deciding the fate of the health care reform act.

Patty Brown is truly on the front line of decisions in health care that will affect us all for years to come and her unique perspective as a women leader in this field was truly fascinating.

Did you miss the lecture?

We have posted Patricia Brown's entire lecture, in three parts, in the videos below.

The Charles J. Busta III lecture series is designed to showcase the thoughts and experiences of business leaders, especially women leaders, in order to encourage creativity and personal growth in women. The series was created in memory of Charles J. “CB” Busta, a Notre Dame trustee and marketing executive who died in 1999.

All individuals invited to speak are recognized in their chosen fields. We seek inspirational professionals of integrity who have made a real difference, overcome significant obstacles, or delivered dramatic, unexpected success. We especially seek women professionals with these credentials in order to present strong role models who can set a standard of achievement for Notre Dame students. Our invited speakers are chosen based on a strong set of credentials including:

Competitive Spirit Balancing Business, Personal and Spiritual Life