Partners in Mission

Partners in Mission is an event that celebrates service anniversaries and connects us with the vision of our founders, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the University’s mission, and the women and men who make our mission a reality – our faculty and staff.

This event is titled Partners in Mission for a reason – for a mission is merely a collection of words if it lacks believers and partners to carry it forward. We are fortunate to have believers and partners on this campus, and at this event, we honor them for their work on behalf of our mission.

Honoring Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger

Along with recognizing service anniversaries, Partners in Mission day integrates the feast day honoring the foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger. The spirit of Blessed Theresa and the educational vision of the School Sisters of Notre Dame permeate the history and tradition of the University. Our campus community is inspired by the conviction that the world can be changed through the transformation of persons. So as we gather together for this event, we honor Blessed Theresa and celebrate the gifts and accomplishments of our Partners in Mission – women and men, lay and religious, who live out the SSND values and the NDMU mission, who are observing significant service anniversaries.

Inspired by the School Sisters, we “trust and dare,” pursue unity, seek truth and educate to transform the world.

We ask our campus community to look inward and consider these questions:

  • What does it mean to be a partner in mission?
  • What does it mean to live our mission each day, every day on this campus?

And now we ask you, dear reader, what are your answers to those questions?

2017 Celebrants

Over 20 Years

50 Years

Therese Marie Dougherty, SSND, classical & modern foreign languages department

40 Years

Mary Paulette Doyas, SSND, enrollment technology

35 Years

David Hoovler, history/political science department
Kevin Raines, art department

30 Years

Theresa Lamy, SSND, classical & modern foreign languages department
Margaret Ellen Mahoney, SSND, English department

25 Years

Linda Stevens, information technology

20 Years

Robert Austin, information technology
Geoff Delanoy, art department
Donna Howard, a child’s place
James Swisher, public safety

15 Years

Zurita Brown, information technology
Charmaine Hood, business office
Karen Wooten, southern Maryland higher education center

10 Years

Grailan Ceaser, public safety
Mary Fitzgerald, SSND, school of education
Anne Henderson, history/political science department
Jennifer Morrow, office of human resources
Katherine Corley Murray, school of education
Amy Provan, counseling center
Amy Rohrs, school of nursing
Evelyn Spratt, school of education
Daniel Warrenfeltz, public safety
Henrietta Wiley, religious studies department

5 Years

Jennifer Bailey, school of pharmacy
Kathleen Bossert, English department
John Cookson, school of arts, sciences and business
Kathy Doherty, academic affairs
Juliann Dupuis, school of education
Mark Fenster, school of education
Justin Gyurik, school of pharmacy
Jenna Hoffman, school of nursing
Marc Irving, public safety
Ashley Moody, school of pharmacy
Maricka Oglesby, institutional advancement
Sabita Persaud, school of nursing
Robin Riha-Lopez, a child’s place
Kyle Steinle, information technology
Michael Stinchcomb, facilities maintenance
Rebecca Zordan, biology department